Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover

OVA (1 ep x 62 min)
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Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover

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Kingdom Hearts Back Cover takes place before Sora, before our waifu Aqua and even before Master Xehanort (Probably... There's no way to say for sure with the time travelling and I mean: he's hella old). Right before what is called 'the keyblade war', the Master of Masters bestows his six apprentices with knowledge of the future. Except for the sixth one - MoM doesn't like you, Luxu! The other five get divided into unions, each with their own part to play. Eventually the master disappears and everyone gets left behind, playing their part. Until they persume a traitor is among them!    * Warning: Spoilers may be ahead * If you thought you would get any wiser by watching this movie: think again! This doesn't solve any questions you had earlier, it just creates new ones. Who's the Master of Masters? Is he really that rightious? Who's Luxu? What's in the box? What's so special about Xehanort's keyblade? Who's behind the unicorn-mask (because he's probably really handsome)? Who's the traitor? Yes, you never even get to know who the traitor is... Even though you suspect everyone during the movie. Breakdown: STORY: It was a good movie, certainly for KH-fans, but don't think about getting answers, cuz you won't. ANIMATION: The new engine really makes this worth watching. The textures on the clothes are really neatly done. It's just a pleasure to watch. SOUND: It's KH, of course it has awesome soundtrack! The english voice acting is nice too, certainly the MoM. He's ridiculously funny! CHARACTERS: You really get some sorth of character building towards the end. Since it's a short movie, you don't get too attached to them though... OVERALL: Loved it! :D

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