King of Thorn

Alt title: Ibara no Ou

Movie (1 ep x 109 min)
3.791 out of 5 from 4,704 votes
Rank #2,081

Medusa is a mysterious illness which causes the body to petrify shortly after infection, found throughout the world and steadily increasing the death toll. In order to combat the disease, 160 lottery winners were chosen to be frozen until a cure could be found, one of whom is Kasumi - a twin whose sibling was not one of the chosen. Along with a group of others Kasumi awakens from her cryogenic chamber, but not to the same world she left it: prehistoric monsters roam the now-abandoned castle and eat the survivors, while endless giant thorns rise all around them. Against all odds, Kasumi and the others must now try to survive the horror of their situation and discover the truth behind what's happening, all the while waiting for the Medusa to finally claim their lives...

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Sianeka Nov 25, 2014
Score 6/10

King of Thorn is a movie that doesn't know what it wants to be.  It starts off as a sci fi horror story, but then morphs into a psychological fantasy.  The path between those two roads is, (pun intended) a thorny one and the transition between the two is not smooth nor do I feel the journey is successful. I'll explain. This movie starts out with this premise: There is a new virus killing off the... read more

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tollie01 Aug 5, 2016
Score 4/10

Right, it's confession time for me. If you have been reading my reviews than you may have noticed that I tend to rip the anime a new one. There is a reason for this though and it has to do with the fact that I can't turn my brain off when watching anime. I can't ignore the stupid shown in the anime and this is a problem as most anime are very stupid indeed. In this case I'm not talking about a 90 pound girl... read more

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King of Thorn
  • Vol: 6; Ch: 37
  • 2002 - 2005

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