Kimi ni Todoke - From Me To You 2nd Season

TV (12 eps)
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It’s now mid-February and, while Sawako continues to grow closer than ever to Chizu and Ayane, her relationship with Kazehaya has skidded to a halt, with both parties still unable to admit to their feelings for each other. As another school year arrives however, a new man enters Sawako’s life, the flirtatious Kent – and he’s taken a special interest in the awkward teen! With a new man grabbing at his crush’s attention, Kazehaya’s patience is beginning to run out. But what exactly are Kent’s motives, and will Sawako ever be able to find a way to convey her sentiments to the boy she loves?

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Valentine's Day image

Episode 1

Valentine's Day

Sophomore Year image

Episode 2

Sophomore Year

Forget What I Said image

Episode 3

Forget What I Said

You Don't Understand image

Episode 4

You Don't Understand

Someone I Like image

Episode 5

Someone I Like

Favor and Bother image

Episode 6

Favor and Bother

Give Up Already image

Episode 7

Give Up Already

Reach... image

Episode 8


Confession image

Episode 9


From Here On image

Episode 10

From Here On

When the Curtain Falls image

Episode 11

When the Curtain Falls

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Episode 12

A Precious Someone

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ThePatches's avatar
ThePatches May 23, 2011
Score 6/10

In the spring of 2010, Kimi ni Todoke charmed many viewers with its floral visuals and stunning performance by Mamiko Noto as Sawako Kuronuma. Like a rarefied picture of high school romance, the... read more

xxjacobxx3's avatar
xxjacobxx3 Apr 21, 2011
Score 9/10

This was a well executed 'girl and boy fall in love and get together' anime. My only complaint is that they turned a 9 episode anime into a 12 episode anime (thats just considering the 2nd season, but I think the first season is about the same way). Its very slow paced, more so than I think it needs to be for the type of anime it is. I know that its suppose to be generally  slow paced since its a romance... read more

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