Killing Bites

TV (12 eps)
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Yuuya Nomoto, an ordinary college student, met a mysterious high-school student called Hitomi after being involved in an incident, and saw her transform into a beast and fight a Leo monster at a landfill. They're Therianthropes who have brains of humans and fangs of beasts. Hitomi is Ratel, a Brute with the strongest killer instinct. Nomoto gets involved in their battles called Killing Bites.

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Why would you read a review of Killing Bites? Just look at the cover. Look at the synopsis. You'll know if you're interested or not by these two things. Do you want an anthro fan service show with absurd action? No? Go away then. This show had one goal, to be the anthro action show. It assumes that you want to watch insane fighting with muscly anthro characters and nothing more. Good plot points or characters are irrelevant to its goal to be a high octane action anthro fan service. There’s 3 episodes of establishing the world, most of which are to just establish tensions between some characters thru smaller fights, and then 9 episode of nonstop fighting in a 4 teams of 3 death match. There’s flashbacks in the last couple episodes that never occurred in the first 3 because the inclusion of them would’ve just slowed the action down. There’s a whole character (Oshie) who only exists in an after show segment “Guide them, Oshie!” because again, including her would’ve gotten in the way of the action. There’s an attempt to make the show seem more grandiose and complex thru the use of 4 shady Zaibatsu, but the politics is more just used as an excuse for fighting and is never given enough setup to feel like a complex maneuver. But again if you just want to watch some action it has enough tone to feel accomplished that it is enjoyable. Characters will dip into their tragic backstories occasionally, usually before a defeat or a narrator will sometimes explain how a character’s actions are in line with their fursona to make the fight seem more intense. It’s fine, but a rather lazy way to inject emotion into a scene by not being backed in any sort of larger context. But if you’re just interested in watching an anthro fan service action show, who cares? tl;dr this show is exactly what you think it is, do what you will with that information.


Trashy fan service show, get used to hearing "The one with sharper fangs wins, that is Killing Bites" All the budget went to the graphic department, the show is without meaningful substance, normal actions of the Brutes are named like special moves. Overall an average show, but ending was pretty dumb. (The following is literally how the show wraps up, every other character and plot point is disgarded) ~ No real conlusion, bunny wins (was obvious) - skip 2 weeks, Hitomi kills Yuuya (also obvious) - skip 2 years, civilians have now started to become beast-people, introduce 2 new fighters and 'gasp' Yuuya is still alive! (also...) What a twist indeed... Story: Plenty of scenes and character developement happen off screen (like how Eruza taught Hitomi how to control her transformation). The gamification of the Destroyal tournament is meaningless and most of the time the Brutes just move how they want and fight who they want. Animation is good, beast-people body proportions are a joke, CG looks... funky? Not bad, but definitely distracting. Sound is good I guess, like there's nothing to complain about. Characters: Considering Hitomis personality, her actions make no sense in the 1st episode, of course she is in love with her father figure. Of coure Yuuya is a useless wimp. Most of the characters are full of them selves, bad people and they often behave differently than what their personality would indicate. As a bonus I will now list the "hooks" this show employs to try to garner an audience: Episode 1 - Uncensored nipple of a woman Episode 2 - Eruza steals Hitomis panties, she might be gay Episode 3 - Hitomi and Eruza cosplay, Akemi has lesbian sex with her sister Episode 4 - A violated woman is shown after the fact Episode 5 - Hitomi gets punch tortured Episode 6 - Forked snake pen*s (gets cut off) Episode 7 - Hitomi and Eruza have some lesbian fun Episode 8 - Ui wets herself Episode 9 - Ui is in heat Episode 10 - Hitomi powers up (she's also a born beast-person, the only one) Episode 11 - Hitomi loses an arm, obvious win by Ui. Episode 12 - Tongue bondage on Ui, Yuugo (lion dude) rap*s Yoko in front of her dead grandfather, whom Yuugo just killed.

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