Killing Bites

TV (12 eps)
3.186 out of 5 from 2,303 votes
Rank #4,430

Yuuya Nomoto, an ordinary college student, met a mysterious high-school student called Hitomi after being involved in an incident, and saw her transform into a beast and fight a Leo monster at a landfill. They're Therianthropes who have brains of humans and fangs of beasts. Hitomi is Ratel, a Brute with the strongest killer instinct. Nomoto gets involved in their battles called Killing Bites.

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SentientCrab's avatar
SentientCrab Apr 3, 2018
Score 2/10

Why would you read a review of Killing Bites? Just look at the cover. Look at the synopsis. You'll know if you're interested or not by these two things. Do you want an anthro fan service show with absurd action? No? Go away then. This show had one goal, to be the anthro action show. It assumes that you want to watch insane fighting with muscly anthro characters and nothing more. Good plot points or... read more

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Ryukami Mar 31, 2018
Score 4/10

Trashy fan service show, get used to hearing "The one with sharper fangs wins, that is Killing Bites" All the budget went to the graphic department, the show is without meaningful substance, normal actions of the Brutes are named like special moves. Overall an average show, but ending was pretty dumb. (The following is literally how the show wraps up, every other character and plot point is... read more

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