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Romeo Maki is a professional wrestler going by the name of Maskman M as well as CEO of an orphanage where the roof leaks and a python has taken over the toilet. Working there is a novice nun, Sister Juliet who, unknown to Maki, moonlights as another wrestler - Lady S. The two meet in a $50,000 winner take all bout where they discover how well matched they truly are: he gets off on pain while she loves inflicting it.

Source: ANN

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megafat Jul 13, 2018
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Japan can come up with some weird and wonderful things. This is a country where people can pre-order their Christmas dinner months in advance from KFC, have hotels with rooms that are slightly larger than coffins, and have mascots for literally everything, such as bottled water, train lines, and even prisons. And it's not like the west doesn't have it's fair share of weirdness either, just take a look at... read more



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