Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boys

TV (12 eps x 8 min)
3.387 out of 5 from 2,296 votes
Rank #3,582
Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boys

Orphan heroine Hinako Nakayama suddenly reunites with her twin brother Hikaru, who asks her to take his place at Shishiku Academy, a private boys school infamous for its rough-and-tumble student body. Being the child of a powerful Yakuza family, the Onigashima, Hikaru is obligated to become the leader of Shishiku Academy. Hinako will have to hide her identity and fight to control the school. How will Hinako deal with a school full of handsome boys who let their fists do the talking rather than talk about their feelings?

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One Fist image

Episode 1

One Fist

The Road to Conquering Shishiku image

Episode 2

The Road to Conquering Shishiku

The Supremely Stoic Punk image

Episode 3

The Supremely Stoic Punk

Fight In the Rain image

Episode 4

Fight In the Rain

Show 'Em What You're Made Of! The Great Study Session image

Episode 5

Show 'Em What You're Made Of! The Great Study Session

The Idol Punk Arrives! image

Episode 6

The Idol Punk Arrives!

Concert Brawl image

Episode 7

Concert Brawl

Alas! Such Kind Fists... image

Episode 8

Alas! Such Kind Fists...

Passionate Feelings, Determined Fists... image

Episode 9

Passionate Feelings, Determined Fists...

Beyond Our Feelings image

Episode 10

Beyond Our Feelings

The Witch Trial Begins image

Episode 11

The Witch Trial Begins

Taking On All Comers! Love, Fists, And Best Bros image

Episode 12

Taking On All Comers! Love, Fists, And Best Bros

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GabiiTachibana's avatar
GabiiTachibana Jun 29, 2017
Score 5/10

This anime was such a waste of potential. I'm a sucker for otome, and this plot seemed unique and interesting. I was disappointed by the length of the episodes but I hoped they could still tell a good story in the little time they had... Well, they didn't. There were some great characters (I personally love Konparu), but their introductions, back stories, and development were horribly rushed. The plot itself... read more

mdchan's avatar
mdchan May 27, 2017
Score 1.5/10

I stumbled upon this when browsing through some Danganronpa discussions (as the game this anime was based off of was made by Spike Chunsoft, the same company). This has an interesting premise,, what a letdown. So, this is the area where I usually break an anime down into the categories ("Story/Plot", "Characters", and "Overall"), but there's just so little to go off of... read more

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