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Nov 20, 2019

Story: Though the anime does progress really slowly, the anime is really great to watch. Through out every match, they keep including every character background story and how they move like they do. I personally think thay it's great that they do this as it's intereting wheere the charcter is coming from and how they move like they do. However, i feel like some of the characters are becoming a little too op, but you know what? who cares, it's a great watch and here are real good moments where you go "Damnnnnn, this shit is lit." Also some twists are so good mannn.

It's more of a personal preference tho.

Animation: Yes the anime is majoritly made by cgi just like the first season, and by this point, you could say that you get used to it and it looks really good especially with the action scenes. I can't tell if it's improved or not but still looks amazing as hell.

Characters: Getting more op as hell, but i ain't complaining. Some of their back stories are also really interesting too.

Sound: they keep the same opening and ending which i dont mind cuz they soound great!!! sounds in the anime are also good as well.

I'm waiting for season 3!

9/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Feb 11, 2024

"Kengan Ashura: Part II" continues the high-octane journey of Tokita "Ashura" Ohma and his foray into the clandestine, no-holds-barred Kengan matches that pit fighter against fighter in corporate-backed gladiatorial combat. Building on the foundation laid in the first season, Part II delves deeper into the tournament's latter stages, revealing more about the fighters' backstories, motivations, and the shadowy figures pulling the strings behind the scenes. With its blend of bone-crunching action, strategic battles, and a deeper exploration of its characters and the world of Kengan fights, this sequel seeks to elevate the stakes and the intensity of the series.

Unleashed Fury

  • Elevated Combat: "Kengan Ashura: Part II" ramps up the action, featuring even more dynamic and visually striking fights. The use of CGI continues to bring fluidity and intensity to the combat, showcasing a variety of martial arts styles with greater detail and creativity.
  • Depth of the Arena: This season further develops its characters, offering richer backstories and emotional arcs that provide context and weight to the battles. Understanding the fighters' personal stakes adds a compelling layer to the tournament, making each match not just a battle of fists but of wills and beliefs.
  • Strategic Mastery: The strategic elements of the fights are more pronounced, with fighters employing cunning tactics, psychological warfare, and deep knowledge of martial arts philosophies. This intellectual aspect keeps the battles fresh and unpredictable, emphasizing that brute strength alone doesn't guarantee victory.

Bruises and Blemishes

  • Crowded Ring: While the series benefits from its diverse cast of characters, the sheer number can sometimes clutter the narrative, making it challenging to give each fighter the spotlight or development they deserve. This can lead to certain arcs feeling rushed or superficial.
  • CGI Contention: The reliance on CGI animation remains a polarizing aspect of the series. While it enables dynamic action sequences, some viewers may find it less appealing than traditional animation, potentially detracting from their immersion in the story.

The Fight Continues

  • Moral Complexities: "Kengan Ashura: Part II" delves deeper into the moral ambiguities of its world, where the lines between heroes and villains blur. The motivations of the fighters and the corporations they represent add a layer of intrigue and complexity to the narrative, inviting viewers to question the true nature of strength and honor.
  • A World Beyond the Ring: The expansion of the series' universe, with glimpses into the political and financial machinations behind the Kengan Association and its impact on the wider world, provides a broader context for the fights and the characters' journeys, hinting at stakes that extend far beyond the arena.


"Kengan Ashura: Part II" builds upon its predecessor's strengths, delivering a more intense, emotionally resonant, and strategically complex continuation of the Kengan saga. With its high-stakes battles, deeper character explorations, and expanded world-building, the series maintains its grip on viewers, offering a satisfying blend of action and narrative depth. Despite challenges in balancing its expansive roster and the divisive use of CGI, Part II succeeds in pushing the boundaries of its genre, ensuring that the journey of Ohma and the Kengan fighters remains as compelling as ever. For fans of martial arts, intricate storytelling, and raw, unbridled action, "Kengan Ashura: Part II" is a battle royale that refuses to pull its punches.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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May 1, 2020

Un cgi bien hecho que hace gala de un argumento y animación fresco. (esta voloración tambien se aplica a la 1º temp)

El argumento del anime esta bien planetado y mola mucho ver las diferentes referencias que lanzan a empresas reales (como Nentendo). El punto fuerte de la serie recae totalmente en sus luchadores y los combates, cada luchador tiene un carisma único con un diseño diferente y unas tecnicas de lucha diferente, los combates son increiblemente fluidos y logran transmitir muy bien el transfondo de tanto las tecnicas de lucha como de la historia que esconde ese luchador, en vez de utilizar mero dialogo lo acompañan con imagenes y una carismatica voz haciendo de algo que podría ser aburrido algo medianamente entretenido. 

La serie es realmente entretenida y la violencia extrema de los combates es un factor de 10 que le da más sabor a todo el conjunto. Quizas una de las pegas que pueda ver es que los capitulos siento que se alargan un poco, una pelea normalmente equivale a 1 capitulo y alguna que a 2 cuando creo que no es necesario.

(La nota general sube debido a su entretenimiento)

8.2/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9.4/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Dec 12, 2020

Season 1 was much much better. This feels like an OVA, or spinoff, since the main characters screentime is almost zero except for Oma doing some dream-like-training..
I wish they skipped a bit of the fights and focused on Kazuo a bit more.

I did enjoyed, and this is my personal take :)

6/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
7/10 overall
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