Kemono Friends

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Kemono Friends

In Japari Park, a mysterious substance called "Sandstar" has turned all the safari animals into human-like creatures with animal ears. Known as "Friends", they occupy different areas of the park in the habitats best suited to them. Although humans have abandoned the place, a small girl is found wandering the grounds with no memory of who she is or how she got there. The Friends decide to help her figure out what species she is and where her proper habitat is located.

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Savanna Area image

Episode 1

Savanna Area

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Episode 2

Jungle Area

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Episode 3


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Episode 4

Desert Area

Lake Shore image

Episode 5

Lake Shore

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Episode 6


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Episode 7

Japari Library

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Episode 8

PPP Live

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Episode 9

Snowy Mountains Area

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Episode 11


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Episode 12

Amusement Park

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2DWatcher's avatar
2DWatcher Mar 15, 2017
Score 9.4/10

It's quite a cringe at first when I had the 6 minutes of the first episode because of the CGI pretty boring too, but a minute after I adapted well to the animation. The way they introduced each characters which are the "friends" are fun and cute, also it's very educational with a very nostalgic feeling of taking back you to your childhood, it is a fact too that this is an anime that is very easy to... read more

Starletka's avatar
Starletka Jan 18, 2017
Score 3/10

ALG WINTER 2017 STORY: The story follows "Bag", a young girl lost in the middle of wilderness, who befriends Serval, one of the animals living there. Together they set off on a long journey across the whole park, meeting its many inhabitants. With it's tedious plot at first I thought the show was... read more

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