Katte ni Kaizou

OVA (6 eps x 25 min)
3.323 out of 5 from 930 votes
Rank #9,904
Katte ni Kaizou

Kaizo Katsu is an odd teenager who believes he is a cyborg saved by his classmate Suzu Saien. He thinks she is a scientist and that his classmate Chitan Tsubouchi is her underling. Former student of a school for geniuses, Kaizo and all other students from there became extremely eccentric after a catastrophe that destroyed the academy.

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What . The . F*ck . did I just watch? -_-"This anime is ... is ... damn ... there are really no words to explain... Within the first five minutes of the first episode you get a basic understanding of what you're in for, though to be honest, it actually gets weirder the more you watch. How does it get weirder than a main character who believes he is a cyborg and is confronted in class by three naked dudes with urine bottles covering their ... junk... while sneaking around writing crap on people demanding they be able to recite their poetry? Well, it does. If that doesn't scare you off, then you're in for a very strange, very weird, completely and utterly ridiculous ride! It like, did something to my brain ... why I continued to watch this I will never understand. -_-' I just kept clicking the next episode button until I ran out of episodes ... why? -_-" I still cannot understand why... The animation was good. The soundtrack was decent. The characters though were insane. Pretty much a bag of crazy tossed together to create one fruity, nutty, strange confection that I still ate even though it looked funny and tasted even stranger. Don't get me wrong, I was entertained, but I'm still trying to figure out wtf was going on... The main character was a delusional, gullible genius who pulled others into his delusions and got his friends caught up in the weirdest situations surrounded by people who were a step away from being locked up in a padded room. Yep, one big ball of crazy and he was the nuttiest one of them all. Yet, I couldn't stop watching. WTF is wrong with me? >.<"  I think the perverse humor from the first half of the anime rotted my brain. Some of the 'skits' were so ridiculous and yet I cracked up at certain ones ... one in particular stands out in my mind that made be burst out laughing until I was in tears. I just couldn't stop laughing! So ya... some funny, some not so funny, but all kinds of crazy...

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