Kasimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~: A Girl Falls in Love with a Girl

Alt title: Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl - Shoujo wa Shoujo ni Koi wo Shita

OVA (1 ep x 27 min)
3.225 out of 5 from 1,190 votes
Rank #4,346

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randomredneck Mar 8, 2011
Score 6/10

RandomRedneck here, with another review of something I saw. Got a problem with my opinion? Then go read something else. Warning, spoilers ahead. Today, I give my feelings on the OVA wrap-up to Kashimashi ~Girl meets girl~, Kashimashi: A girl falls in love with a girl. The story picks up a few months after the final episode of the show, and already, there's an issue. Remember that tear jerking, emotional... read more

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angelsreviews Aug 6, 2013
Score 1/10

Well, it’s hard to talk about a OVA with one episode. I’m lumping it in with the rest of the show as it seriously makes no sense for me to go back to this show after I’m done with it. And since I know some trolls out there… *looks at Kai and Kurai* that would want me to do the OVA, I’m doing this.

The characters are not as stupid as the TV part but they don’t have the... read more

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