Alt title: Karin: Chibi Vampire

TV (24 eps)
2005 - 2006
Fall 2005
3.787 out of 5 from 18,054 votes
Rank #2,398

Karin is a vampire, but as fate would have it she is a freak among her own kind; for Karin doesn’t drink the blood of her counterparts – she is cursed to be a blood maker, forcing her to inject her extra blood into her victims. What’s worse is that if she doesn’t find an outlet for the blood in time, it explodes in a massive nose bleed of impressive volume. In Karin's twisted day-going state, she finds it nearly impossible to find safe victims; so, nose bleeds are a major problem. When transfer student and new classmate Usui Kenta proves to have exactly the kind of emotions her vampire nature most enjoys, she finds herself in comedic dire straights!

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For a show about vampires, this is very fruity. I consider it almost like the Twilight of anime Vampires though I did enjoy it. It has an interesting feel to it even though it doesn’t go for a normal vampire storyline. The characters are rather odd and are sometimes annoying. Karin is whinny, her friend Maki is a annoying little bitch that creates some of the trouble for Karin, her brother Ren is a womanizing whore, her father is a dotting father, and her mother is really abusive. It does make a lively bunch but sometimes a little two lively. It just doesn’t have much structure except for the fact that Karin’s family does care for her even though they don’t act like it. The relationship between Karin and Kenta is pretty generic. Girl is in love with boy but clueless about it and same for boy even though everyone around them can tell that they are together. Even in the beginning, you can tell they were getting together.The artwork is pretty standard for slice of life school life specials. It just doesn’t stand out. I can understand why they call it Chibi Vampire and that’s because it’s really cutesy. I’m surprised that Shinbo, the person that did Dance in the Vampire Bund, didn’t direct this. There is a lot of times that Karin is naked (Although most of the time it’s more in expression of something) and even a lot of other characters. The only thing different then his works is that for a high school student, Karin is pretty stacked. The characters don’t really have a good profile. It just looks off. The water color ending is really cute and pretty. The English voices are alright, but one of the big let downs is how whinny Karin sounds. Everything she says sounds like whinning. Even Anju sounds more adult then Karin. Every word feels like an after school special for little kids. This does not work because of Ren’s little fun he does all the time.

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