Karen Senki

Web (11 eps x 11 min)
Fall 2014
2.552 out of 5 from 620 votes
Rank #15,023
Karen Senki

In the post-apocalyptic aftermath of a war between machines and their creators, machines rule while humans exist in a state of servitude. Titular character Karen leads Resistance Group 11, an eclectic group of humans who find themselves fighting for their lives as they are hunted by the robots in each episode. Is this the end of humanity? Are they fighting a losing battle?

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Well i dont even know where to begin... the animation itself is good exept that the plot is wery tightly placed inside some 11 min episodes that dosent have time to properly explayn for instance the 1 st episode just sort of explayns what is hapening in the world and why. And of course how humans or i should say the mayn characters deal with the problem. Just a warning dont rate this anime just on the first episode because i did not think that it has so mutch plot cramped in those 11 min that it makes a bit of hard to go on from one ep. They should have gone and made the episodes 30 min's  but theres no use crying ower spiled milk.  The animation is 3D well not that its bad its on the borderline of a actually good since i dont get to see a lot these sort of anime often. Story well theres a lot of these tipes but when i got to watch everething in one go to ep 6 the story oh my god. Why ? and they instantly explayn in 2 simple sentences. The story is The sound the charakter voice acktors  are good. The soundtrack keeps up with the anime and has a nice fell to it when things go down and most of the time they go down fast. And now the charakters well...How should i put this in a way.All the way until the end of 6 ep i only saw 2 charakters that make some and 0 sense.The thing is they get no explanation what so ever in this animation or will get it later on and i hope they do since i cant believe theres no explanation to those 2 charakters Depending on how u look at this  is gona be  a spoiler and not since u will be prepared for what is gona go down: 2 charakters only 2 up until the end of ep 6. a magick girl?Touka. of course theres always some one out there in that goes WHY NOT. she has no explanation about her not even a drop about it is explayned exept she is dead or died. The other one is a well more or les normal until he uses his powers that got my interest but not as mutch. Overall: You can watch this depending on if u can more or les ignore the oweral of a huge plot being cramped in a smal box of 11 min's episodes that may be to your liking since theres plenty of acktion scenes and there more or lees well made in my opinion.( will try to update the reviev when ever i can) PS: Sorry for the English gramar mistakes

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