Karate Master

Alt title: Karate Baka Ichidai

TV (47 eps)
1973 - 1974
3.381 out of 5 from 40 votes
Rank #8,774
Karate Master

Ken Asuka was prepared to die, but even that privilege was taken from him. In the aftermath of the Great War, Japan was a confusing place, one that didn't seem to have a place for a suicide pilot like Ken, his plan having broken down before he could complete his mission. Frustrated over losing his way in life, struggling with feelings of guilt that his friends died yet he alone carried on living, Ken knew no peace. However, after a run-in with some American soldiers, Ken rediscovered feelings he'd carried since his youth. A practitioner of martial arts form a young age, he had abandoned that path for the war. But now, it might just be his ticket to a new purpose in life! Though not everyone will seek to use his power for good.

Source: Discotek

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