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Kantai Collection: Kan Colle Movie is a sequel to the first Kantai Collection anime series. Most of not all of the cast returns for this movie with some extra additions made as well. It's an action heavy movie that caters to fans of the series with it's expansive cast of popular characters from the game. Once again part the focus point is Fubuki and her crew however less so than the first season for most part of the movie.The movie is partially drama and largely action orientated with almost the last two thirds of the movie being an ongoing action scene with minor intermissions. The story starts out with an action sequence and the recovery and discovery of a irragularity starts of the main plot of the movie. This slowly build up with an uncomfortable atmosphere till an dramatic reveal takes place which is very central to the setting and plot. The following events that come from this are of course character driven in the beginning but reach the main plotline in the end as well as together with this irragularity another has formed. While they do not know the origin of this one unlike the other things are set up for the large battle to commence.  AnimationAs a movie one would expect the animation to be an improvement over the original anime series which holds true being more animated and having quite impressive enviroments at times. However the setting doesn't always give amazing backdrops all the time which gives some quite impressively animated elemental effects together with the girls moving on water. While the TV series certainly didn't have bad animation the quantity of good animation in this sequel to the TV series certainly makes the battles nicely intense. SoundThe original quite solid voice cast from the game returns. As with the original game the cast still voices multiple characters believably. The music is largely unnoticable while it doesn't ''oomph'' up the series it merges nicely with the battles and isn't distracting. The ending theme is a familiar piece known from the game. While not blowing us away with anything it all fits together well, from cannon sounds to voiceacting it's all very much good enough and at times even impressive. Characters The movie continues with the character building it had done before so there's few explorations of character in here for anyone other than Fubuki, Mutsuki and ''spoiler''. While some fan favourites are introduces and get character establishing moments, namely Tenryuu, Tatsuta, Kako, Furutaka and Ryuujou this doesn't really amount to anything other than a nod to the fandom that they know they wanted these characters to show up, still these characters are nice nod to the fans and enjoyable even if only background characters to the plot for the most part.  Overall, the anime series continues were it left off with this movie. This movie improved over the original TV anime. While very dramatic and at times perhaps seeming overbearing to some the animated movie sets out what it wants to do and that is provide a dramatic combat riddled story with characters that the fans all know and love. If you can get over the silliness of waterskating like most fans of this series then the movie if you enjoyed the series will certainly provide you somewhat of the same enjoyment again even if it's a heavier meal to swallow than the original TV anime. 


Kantai Collection Movie: (Spoiler Free) The Kantai collection movie  is a sequel to the TV series, whilst the movie could potentially be watched stand alone it would be a loss at many moments as the main plot focus links heavily to a events which happens during the tv series. Plot: The movie takes place shortly after the TV series ended, with the ships now re-locating to the Solomon Islands. After numerous reports of a ominous voice being heard further out at sea, It seems Fubuki might be closely linked to the mystery. A appearance of a certain ship also reveals a sad and slightly dark twist to the war between the Ship Girls and their Abyssal counter parts. The movie is quite action based, there are numerous battles which take place throughout with the end battle making up for a large portion of the second half of the movie. The style is similar to that of the TV series which actually makes it quite enjoyable. The plot is actually quite interesting, whilst the main series had no largely apparnt plot until the end which still felt more like a reason to fight over a actual story, the movie starts us right in the action and quickly begins unfolding a story which actually felt mostly quite intriging. I haven't played the games so wont comment on these area's but as a anime only viewer, the movie plot felt interesting enough that i didn't realise it had been on for 90minutes when the credits started t role! Action lovers will enjoy this one too, it generally felt very well fit for a movie and reminded me of the days i used to watch action movies in the cinema, very dynamic and enjoyable to watch. Sound: Not much special to comment on here, the soundtrack blends in well but doesn't offer any exception tracks you will be searching youtube for to hear again, because a lot of the movie is based in combat, the soundtrack is of course war-focused type tracks, these are all well done and set the scenes perfectly. No complaints. Animation: Same as the anime. No complaints from me here, it looks plesant enough to watch and didn't feel low buget. Characters: You will find most characters from the anime return here, aside from team loli and  the idol wanna-be (names aren't my thing with a huge cast), most familiar characters return. There are some new editions too who mostly seem to be focused on "night battles" who are a plesant addition to the already massive cast. The story Focus is once again mostly behind Fubuki and team. The opening and first segmants do give some attention to the new squads however. Generally the story is heavy focused on Fubuki with more focus also given to Mutsuki who felt rather minor in the first season and Yuudachi who is the of a supporting role to the two this time around (and yes, she still "Poi's"... because i can't be the only one who loves them Poi's!). Yamato also feels more relevant here, whilst the first anime does make her purpose feel it's cause in the ending, the movie gives her lots more screen time both on and off the water. I actually enjoyed character interactions a little more in the movie, they felt somehow more focused and natural whilst not losing their personality, it also felt like each character played more of a role rather than being background material. Overall: In short, the movie was a good addition to follow the story where the anime left off, With returning characters appearing, given more of a purpose and just being themselves, combined with fun to watch battles, a interesting story, a better look into the all-so-special "Fubuki" and a not so expected returning character, the movie did a great job as a movie and a sequel. I felt i generally really enjoyed the movie and it has me all the more hyped for a potential follow-up series which has been rumored. For anyone who enjoyed the tv anime or who likes the series from the games or the many fan-pics/media which circulates, i strongly recommend checking the movie out when you have some time. I admit i put it odd for some time and now regret it as it was really quite enjoyable.  

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