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For Aizawa Yuuichi, returning to the town where he spent his childhood has been an unusual affair. Yuuichi, it seems, has forgotten his memories of the past, including encounters with several young ladies who would love nothing more than to see him again. As the days pass, flickers of the past began to surface, revealing more and more of the dark events that once came to be. As the reuniting continues, Yuuichi soon starts to realize that his past may be far more complex than he once believed it to be...

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sothis Aug 7, 2005
Score 3.5/10

Kanon is quite possibly the most generic dribble ever to come out of a dating-sim series, as far as the romance goes. It is filled with the most stereotypical characters: an annoying, whiny, yet needy girl, a clutz that sounds like a 5 year old, who also acts like one, the outcast, the girl who is inevitably dying, etc. In addition to the textbook romance type story, the series can't decide what... read more

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A special episode only released on a special 'reward' DVD. Kanon: Kazahana is a side story that takes place after the original Kanon series ends.

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  • 2006 - 2007

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