Kamisama Kiss

Alt title: Kamisama Hajimemashita

Kamisama Kiss Episode 10 - (Sub) Tomoe Becomes a Familiar / The God Goes to a Mixer

Flashing back to the past, some of what Tomoe went through with Mikage is revealed. And returning to the present for the second part, Nanami gets dragged off to a mixer with her friends.

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(Sub) Nanami Becomes a God image

Episode 1

(Sub) Nanami Becomes a God

(Sub) The God Becomes a Target image

Episode 2

(Sub) The God Becomes a Target

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Episode 3

(Sub) The God Makes a Match

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(Sub) The God Is Kidnapped

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(Sub) The God Loses Her Home

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Episode 8

(Sub) The God Goes to the Beach

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Episode 9

(Sub) The God Goes to the Dragon King's Palace

(Sub) Tomoe Becomes a Familiar / The God Goes to a Mixer image

Episode 10

(Sub) Tomoe Becomes a Familiar / The God Goes to a Mixer

(Sub) The Familiar Goes Into Town image

Episode 11

(Sub) The Familiar Goes Into Town

(Sub) Nanami Quits Being a God image

Episode 12

(Sub) Nanami Quits Being a God

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Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda is a compassionate girl who is down on her luck. Her mother having recently died, she has been forced to camp out in the woods for shelter. However, things start to turn around once she is invited to live with class hunk Yuki Sohma and his family... but all is not as it seems! Yuki's family is burdened with a dark curse which causes them to turn...

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Merlette Merlette says

In both series, the main characters are high school female students who lose their home and family; that leads them to end up living in a pretty unusual situation.

The artwork also has some resemblance.

bokusenou bokusenou says

Same director on both, and both have the same style of comedy mixed with heartwarming moments. Fruits Basket is more heartwarming so far (although as I'm writing this only 5 episodes of Kamisama have aired), but any fan of one should enjoy the other.

eminAAnime eminAAnime says

Both are similar in style and even though tohru is alot more naive both girls have lost their homes and live with spirits that obviously have to end up falling in love with the main character who are extremely good people! both are Amazing! Please watch <3



Yato, the supposed God of Calamity, is so far down on the Shinto totem pole that he doesn't even have any followers or a shrine to call his own and has to do odd jobs to make ends meet. Worst of all, his aloof and somewhat goofy personality has just cost him his newest partner and best holy weapon. When the down-on-his-luck Yato is saved by an unfortunate...

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MHT87 MHT87 says

Both are almost the same. High school girl is stuck with a God/Demon and fall in love with him. A guy who is God/Demon with dark past. Side kick who also got a crush on the girl. Both have some good action/comedy, both are somewhat entertaining and short series.

sabrielsharmony sabrielsharmony says

Both anime are about minor gods and their helpers.Also, they are both very funny with a small amount of drama thrown in. The animation is similar as well. They also are both based on manga. My only complaint is that both shows should have been longer.

VampGirl VampGirl says

Both animes present to you, how it feels to be a god or deinty of a shrine a, and the responsibility of it.

Kamisama Hajimemashita has more love elements in my openion.

Go ahead and try out both, im sure you will like them as much as I do.

Inu x Boku SS

Inu x Boku SS

Ayakashi Kan is a haunted condominium where every resident is required to have a bodyguard. When socially inept Ririchiyo moves in, she’s looking for peace and quiet. However, she quickly discovers that her bodyguard isn't just foxy; he might actually BE a fox. In fact, all of Ayakashi Kan’s residents, and their agents, have both human and...

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Baebaeclc Baebaeclc says

Both of these anime's have the main characters as moderately abadoned girls.  The main's are strong willed and prefer to do things their way.  The main guy characters are also similar in both of these manga's. They both serve the main girl char. due to their own circumstances and they are both demons. They also both have fuzzy ears ^.^ kawaiii although Tomoe isn't as gentle and obident in his servitude >;). If you love one you will deffinatly have to check out the other.

duchessliz duchessliz says

These anime shared some simularities in the fact that they are both centered around youkai. They are also both romance/comedies in which both the main male protaganists are a fox demon.

Both anime are very, very enjoyable and if you liked one I believe you'll like the other.

furu101 furu101 says

They both have a tsundere, and both have girls who are protected by their 'servants'. In Inu x Boku SS, it's Ririchiyo's secret service agent who protects her, and in Kamisama Hajimemashita, It's Nanami's divine servant, Tomoe. Both are endearing romance stories with just the right sprinkle of action, supernatural, and comedy.