Kamisama Kiss: Kamisama, Shiawase ni Naru

Alt title: Kamisama Hajimemashita: Kamisama, Shiawase ni Naru

OVA (1 ep x 12 min)
4.426 out of 5 from 1,463 votes
Rank #182
Kamisama Kiss: Kamisama, Shiawase ni Naru

The anime is tentatively titled "Kamisama, Kekkon Zenya" (The God at the Eve of Marriage), and will tell the stories of Nanami, Tomoe, Mizuki, and Kurama as Nanami's graduation from both school and the shrine are drawing near.

Source: ANN

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Madiz's avatar
Madiz Dec 27, 2016
Score 7/10

Summary: (12 minute episode)
I can't say that I was extremely pleased with this one-episode and how they decided to play it all out. I suppose from a standpoint, they just wanted to get the anime overwith after 2 seasons and a bunch of OVAs. However, they missed a big opportunity to really sell the end of the manga in this episode by making it 12 minutes long. I feel that a lot of it was super rushed at... read more

Inu230's avatar
Inu230 Apr 10, 2019
Score 5/10

I'll keep this short. This 12 minute anime is simply the culmination of Tomoe & Nanami's relationship. While it is nice to see two characters who've struggled with their feelings for one another, their interspecies, mortal/immortal, time traveling shenanigans take the next step it's odd that the animators would choose to condense their union. There appears to be some tiredness about this OVA, while the... read more

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