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Oct 2, 2012



Equal parts corny and enjoyable, Kamisama Kazoku is a solid anime, without managing to quite hit on incredible. Parts of the plot will be predictable for anyone who is familiar with anime in general, but it's not without it's twists either. Add to that a well rounded ending that leaves you feeling fulfilled, and you've got quite an enjoyable, short romp. At only 13 episodes, the pacing was rather well done, with no episode feeling like filler for the main story arc.




The characters and backgrounds were bright and cheery, fitting the overall feel of the story, while the scenery and backgrounds were simply unremarkable for the most part. Lighting and playing with darker tones felt at place next to the brighter, cheerier colors when the story called for it. Every one of the main characters has a distinct look, but they do fall prey to stereotypes in some cases (seriously, what is it with gloomy young girls having gray hair in pigtails?). All in all, a solid work of art. The opening and ending credit animations were cute and fit in well with the overall theme of the anime.




Opening and ending songs were swell little ditties, unremarkable, but fitting. The Japanese voice overs were well fitting to each character and lent themselves to the comedy of the show. Background music failed to stand out, but went along with the general mood of the scene it was played in. Some of the sound effects alone had me cracking up due to the fact that they were placed perfectly.




Somehow running the show and holding it back, the characters were memorable for their actions if not for their personalities. Again, it was very easy to predict the characters and how they would react most of the time. Overbearing mother, overly playful father, flirtatious big sister, and unemotional little sister. All have been done time and again, but I will say that this anime manages to put them together into a relatable family, and their characters end up meshing fairly well.


In General


I seriously enjoyed this anime. It had likeable characters, decent music, corny situations, comedy. All in all, none of it blew me away by itself, but when put together makes a solid anime with an enjoyable ending that doesn't leave you hanging. The only thing that held back this anime was it's predictability through most of the show.  If you're capable of disregarding how easy most of the plot elements are to figure out and just focus on watching, you'll find this to be a pleasant anime that I wish had been longer so I could keep enjoying it.

Any comments are welcome and appreciated.

7.5/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Sep 18, 2023

Title: Kamisama Kazoku - A Whimsical Blend of Divine Comedy and Family Bonds

Story (6/10): "Kamisama Kazoku" presents a unique twist on the slice-of-life genre by combining it with elements of divine comedy. The story follows Samataro Kamiyama, the son of a god, as he navigates the challenges of being a deity-in-training while dealing with the everyday trials of high school life. The series explores themes of family, friendship, and the responsibilities that come with divine lineage. While the concept is intriguing, the execution can be uneven, with some episodes feeling episodic or disconnected. Comparing it to the manga/novel reveals that the source material offers more depth and character development.

Animation (6/10): The animation quality in "Kamisama Kazoku" is serviceable, with character designs that fit well within the slice-of-life genre. The series successfully transitions between the everyday world and the divine realm, creating a visual distinction between the two. While it doesn't boast the most impressive visuals, it effectively conveys the whimsical and lighthearted atmosphere of the story.

Sound (6/10): Sound design in the anime complements the series' slice-of-life and comedic elements. The soundtrack features light-hearted and playful tunes that enhance the comedic moments. Voice acting is suitable, with characters' voices aligning with their personalities. While it may not have a standout sound design, it contributes to the overall tone of the series.

Characters (7/10): The characters in "Kamisama Kazoku" are at the heart of the series. Samataro Kamiyama, along with his family, including his overprotective father, mother, and mischievous little sister, provide plenty of entertaining interactions and comedic moments. The series effectively explores the dynamics within this divine family and how they cope with the challenges of adolescence. While character development occurs, exploring the manga/novel adaptation offers deeper insights into their personalities and relationships.

Overall (6/10): "Kamisama Kazoku" is a whimsical anime that combines divine comedy with slice-of-life themes. While the concept is intriguing and the characters are endearing, the execution can be inconsistent, with some episodes feeling disjointed. The animation and sound design effectively capture the lighthearted atmosphere of the series. For a more comprehensive understanding of the story and characters, it's recommended to explore the manga/novel adaptation. My overall score for the anime is 6/10, reflecting its charm and entertaining family dynamics, but also acknowledging its narrative limitations.

6/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall
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