KamiKatsu: Working for God in a Godless World

Alt title: Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou

TV (12 eps)
3.293 out of 5 from 3,091 votes
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Yukito's parents are the leaders of a cult. After he gets sacrificed, he gets reincarnated into another world where religion doesn't exist and adult books are akin to a child's doodles. He finds that it's also a world where your life and death is decided by the country. While obstructing his friend's execution, both of them lose their lives. Just at that moment, the god of his religion comes to their world and revives them. Of course she is also a naked loli.

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Whew, this anime's a lot to unpack, and it's such a hard one to evaluate. I'm tempted to call it a parody, but I'm not even sure if that's the right term for it. No matter which way you slice it, though, I spent most of my time watching it thinking, "What even *is* this show, and who signed off on it?" with a smile on my face the whole way. Story: Our MC is the son of a religious cult leader, and gets sacrificed in a ritual. As he's dying, he wishes to reincarnate to a world where there is no concept of Gods. Lo and behold, he gets his wish, but as with most stories there's a twist. What follows is a wild fever-dream where we learn more about this world, why there's no concept of God, and more importantly, why the MC decides to try to bring religion to the village that saved him. It's an honestly crazy take on the isekai formula that somehow constantly straddles the line between horrific blandness and insane genious. It lulls you into a false sense of security by following certain established tropes of the genre, and right when you think it's just going to be another bland isekai trash season, it pulls out something completely outlandish. 7/10: Almost a bland isekai-trash show, but lifted to a fun meta-level comedy. Animation: One of the biggest reasons this show is hard to evaluate is the animation quality. There are many moments in each episode that demonstrate the studio *clearly* know what they're doing, have immense skill, and have the wherewithal to make some stunning scenes. And yet there are also moments that are so stunningly bad or outright lazy that you have to think they're *intentionally* bad for the sake of a joke. They don't even try to make excuses for the 3D CG parts, there are many moments where a character's face or whole body just looks like garbage, and a plethora of scenes where the animations don't match the action. But for every moment like that, there's an equally stunning moment of excellent/dramatic character art or a brilliant action sequence. The absolute cream of the crop for the show, though, is a moment where they've *very clearly* just taken a real-life video, slapped a color-palette filter over it, and pasted the anime character's head over the real-life actor's body. 7/10: I think this show is equally deserving of a 1 and a 10 at the same time, but rather than strike a middle ground at 5 I'll lean more toward the high end because it was funny. Sound: Much like the Animation category, there's a bit of give and take with the audio. There will be sequences where the soundtrack fits perfectly and really enhances the scene, but for each moment like that there's also a sequence where the soundtrack just cuts out in the middle and it starts playing the OP or ED track for seemingly no reason. The voice acting is stellar across the board, though, so I'll give full marks there. 7/10: Same reasoning as the Animation category. Characters: I don't think I can remember a show that started with such extravagantly Flanderized characters and somehow developed their characters and narratives without ever breaking the tropes the characters signified. Like, each of these characters very clearly represents the cardboard-cutout characters most isekai trash fill out their roster with, but then takes those characters and gives them actual character arcs. Yet, somehow, despite demonstrating growth and development, they still perfectly fit the silhouette of the cutouts they represent. 7/10: Some of the most depth I've seen given to such flat character types. Overall: If I could sum up the show in one word, it'd be "whiplash". It's a wild rollercoaster of ups and downs in so many ways. In addition to the stuff I mention above, the pacing speeds up and slows down like crazy - you'll spend half an episode covering a slice-of-life scene in a bar talking about religon strategy, and then in the next scene a character will die unceremoniously in less than 30 seconds. Some details get an insane amount of focus, and then it'll gloss over the next detail. I think my favorite part about the show, though, and the part that really encapsulates the whole thing to me, is how the titlecards are a long-winded sentence but the show just cuts off the titlecard and starts the episode in the middle of reading it out. 7/10: A fever dream of a show that's worth watching, but will leave you questioning what even makes an anime good or bad. I'm glad I watched it and I hope to see more like it, but it's not quite my favorite even so.


This is probably the funniest anime of the spring season. KamiKatsu begins when Yukito Urabe, a young man who was the heir of a nefarious cult, gets tossed into the sea by his father due to the idea he would be reincarnated as the next leader. As he sinks to the bottom of the sea, Yukito wishes to be born in a world without religion or gods.   Sure, enough, that is where he ends up. But, instead of some world based on RPG games, he finds himself doing the most mundane of tasks and then learns that the Imperial City has an end-of-life system where, as a result of there being no religion, people not only did not fear death, some happily encouraged it. It is then that he calls upon the god of his cult, Mitama. But in order for her to return to full power, he needs to accrue more followers.   This show is stupid and lazy even. That especially comes to play with their "strange beasts" which are bad CGI renditions and grotesque to look at. But, that is exactly the intention. The anime is a satire of Isekai series shown in its demonstration of Yukito being increasingly disappointed that he would not be fighting monsters like in a game. Instead, the people of the isolationist camps have no idea on how to deal with them. In addition, it is shown that because of the Imperial City, they do not have an understanding of several normal human topics such as lewdness.     The characters are simple but enjoyable. Yukito is a manipulative man who can be straight-up cold whenever it comes to trying to increase the percentage of followers by appealing to their desires or feigning interest in them ergo playing with their feelings. He is a brilliant strategist there.   Mitama is the egotistical, narcissistic goddess of Yukito's cult who has high opinions of herself but comes off as being a brat. Alura completely thirsts after Yukito in one instance she was more than willing to cut off the "useless fat" of her chest when she was under the belief Yukito liked smaller. Roy is the typical pervert of the camp, but it makes sense because of later revelations about how the Imperial City suppresses information from its citizens. Not to say that it justifies his actions, but it makes it understandable.   Like I said, the animation. Oh boy, the animation. Sometimes it is fine, but believe me when I say that they knowingly take lazy routes. The strange beasts are hideous to look at, there is a scene where Roy is riding a tractor and it is just a poor 3D render with his head digitally inserted over it. All of this is to show that Yukito's world was not what it seemed. Won't call the animation "genius," but it is easy to misjudge it if you were not in on the joke.   Overall, really funny show. It is aware that it is stupid and deliberately goes out of its way to be as lazy as possible. It is not the best thing ever written, so I can't really recommend it to anyone largely critical with first impressions of the show, but it is truly a ride.

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