Kamigami no Asobi

TV (12 eps)
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Kamigami no Asobi

Yui Kusanagi discovers a mighty sword that transports her to another world. There, this ordinary high school girl finds herself face-to-face with the mighty Greek god Zeus, who has an unusual request: remain in the dimension he has created and attend a school of legendary proportions. Zeus acts as dean for a school of young, misguided gods. The bond between humans and gods has weakened, and it is now up to Yui to teach the gods about love and what it means to be human.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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Story:             The story is not unlike other reverse harems.  A young, pretty girl suddenly finds herself surrounded by a group of diverse, but connected, beautiful men.  This anime focuses on six gods that have been forced to come to Zeus’s academy in order to learn how to be more understanding of the human heart. To help them with their task is Yui Kasanagi, a high school student that is in possession of a magical sword that pulled her into this magical world. Zeus has put a magical blocker on the gods to make sure they cannot leave the academy and it will only be removed once the gods learn their lesson.             While there is nothing particularly new or invigorating about this story, it did keep me mildly entertained. The gods each have an episode focused on their personal growth with Yui. All share affection for her ranging from true friendship to deep love. The story does give a bit more plot around episode 8 and eventually comes to a climax rather melodramatically. Again, it is nothing to rave about, but if you are looking for a bishounen, reverse harem then look no further. Animation:             The animation is quite good. The action sequences are done well and the characters are draw to perfection. The landscapes are drawn well too. In this category, I think the studio did an excellent job. Sound:           The opening soundtrack fits the general tone of the anime, upbeat and not too in-depth.  The action sequences are a bit dull and predictable, but it’s nothing to be deterred by.  Characters:             As a reverse harem with twelve episodes I wasn’t expecting the characters to be developed much, if at all.  My prediction was right. All the gods and the few random gods that join them were all developed vaguely, each getting about one episode apiece to tell their specific background. All the characters are likeable in their own way. Appollon, the son of Zeus, is the character that is developed the most, followed by Loki and then Balder. Yui is an eternal optimist but doesn’t really develop at all during her time with the gods at the academy.   Overall:             I picked up this series as a lazy day anime, nothing to be impressed by, only to provide mild entertainment. What I got was just that- mild entertainment. If you are looking for an anime to cheer you up a bit and you enjoy looking at handsome men this will suit your fancy. Other than that, this anime will be a sore disappointment.

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