Kaleido Star: New Wings ~Extra Stage~

Alt title: Kaleido Star: The Amazing Princess Without a Smile

OVA (1 ep x 24 min)
3.767 out of 5 from 873 votes
Rank #2,527
Kaleido Star: New Wings ~Extra Stage~

Sora Naegino has finally consolidated herself as Kaleido Stage's gratest star ever, and a new star starts to shine as Rosetta Passel is selected to participate in the next attraction in a main role. But when things start to go wrong in the rehearsals, Rosetta starts to question her abillity to take the role, as her own capacity to remain in Kaleido Stage. Meanwhile, Fool also struggles with his demons from the past.

Source: ANN

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Sixteen big ones, awesome! Not talking about money but community anime reviews I’ve done for Anime-Planet and the train is not stopped anytime soon. In this review, I am taking a look at the one episode long OVA from Kaleido Star which involves Rosetta Passel. No spoilers or cursing, as usual.  Check out my other reviews. I welcome comments and criticism or reviews of my review. Thanks for reading and on with the review! Story; Rosetta Passel is the diabolo player at Kaleido Stage and she used to smile never during stage performances, until she met Sora. In the new production, it's not Sora who will be playing the lead, as usual. It will be Rosetta! However she is having second thoughts about will she play the lead and star on the Kaleido Stage? It’s a really fun episode long OVA/special thing and it should go without saying that I really liked and enjoyed it. I was happy for more KS regardless of what it could have been. It’s really addictive stuff. Animation; Like the TV series, this OVA has the stunning animation and gorgeous designs the original had. It should be very obvious if you've read my other Kaleido Star review. Although something about it seemed to look a teensy bit weaker than the television series. It’s not easy to tell but something felt off about it. Sound; The music is relatively similar to what is used in the television series and it works for the small OVA. They use Tattoo Kiss an ending song here and use a tune I am not familiar with for the opening. Both are excellent songs, regardless. Each are pleasant to hear with your ears. Characters; A significantly large amount of character development for Rosetta and Fool in this episode long OVA, it seems everyone else takes a backseat role in this little extra episode/OVA. If you are a Rosetta and Fool fan, you will really enjoy this. As with the television series, I listened to the English language dub for this experience. Both tracks were pretty good, so you are safe with either. Overall; Much like the TV series, I enjoyed this immensely. I think if you enjoyed the television series as well, you will like it too. I am just happy to spread the word on how enjoyable and addictive Kaleido Star is. It’s a pretty cut and dry case here that you should be watching this. It really is just cut and dry here. Go watch it! Now

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