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Single father Kakushi Goto has a secret. He’s a top-selling artist of popular erotic manga, but his impressionable young daughter, Hime, can never find out! Now he’s having to bend over backwards just to keep her inquisitive little mind from discovering what he does for a living. A father-daughter tale of love and laughter.

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 In a Nutshell Gotou Kakushi is a mangaka, a well-known mangaka. He is known for many ecchi titles, many fans across the world highly appreciate. However, his life changes, when he becomes a father. Gatou now tries to prepare for his new life and to hide his secret from his daughter. Will he succeed? Storyline Kakushigoto's source manga is written by Kouji Kumeta, fans of Zetsubou-Sensei should know that name. Itoshiki Nozomu and Gotou Kakushi are even voiced by the same voice actor, Kamiya Hiroshi. Fans of Zetsubou-Sensei might be more prepared for Kakushigoto than other viewers, but it does not mean that it should be the reason for you to avoid this series in any way. Anyways, this series is full of gags, puns, and references that are somewhat difficult to understand, but it does not imply that these jokes have ever been bad, or dirty. In addition to this, the storyline makes sense and is very enjoyable to follow. Kakushi Goto is a very famous mangaka, many people do not know how he looks like, but know the name. When his daughter was born, he decided to hide his occupation from his daughter at any cost, but he could not stop making his pervy manga series, because he needed money to support his daughter Hime all on his own. Animation The animation is very unusual and it might take you some time to get used to it, if you have never seen Goodbye Teacher Despair. But after a few episodes, you will get used to it and you will understand how amazingly beautiful and unusual the animation is. There are so many colors and everything about it fits perfectly what this series is trying to be; a slice of life with a light comedy; it is very enjoyable. Sound Sound wise I would never say that the OST is some mind-blowing experience, but it fits the show well and helps to create the atmosphere of a slice of life series to help the viewer appreciate the series. However, the voice actors did do their best to make this series quite entertaining, unlike the OST. Parents Always Want Best For Their Children Gotou Kakushi, as it has been stated many times already, wants to hide his occupation from his daughter. He even has an emergency protocol for his assistants should Gotou’s daughter arrive unannounced. However, it is quite unlikely, since his studio is far away from their home. This, indeed, is quite an easy thing for a parent to do. And what is the harm? He is a famous mangaka and earns good money, because of the huge popularity his manga has. However, another conflict arises, the moment Gotou’s daughter makes a wish for her father to be a successful man and Gotou finds about it. He even tries to make a new manga and starts making the new title, so he can be proud of what he is doing and show it to his daughter. Criticism I cannot think of anything that I can dislike about this series. Its storyline is quite unique and new, the art is weird, but quite enjoyable, Gotou is the creator of an erotic manga, but it is not a pornographic manga, or something like that. All his manga has is just some harmless erotic jokes. All in all, this is a very unusual series, but you should still, at least, try to watch this series. By try I mean that you need to watch 3, or more episodes for you to understand if you can watch it, or not. Kakushigoto has very entertaining sense of humor, many puns and references and it is just a heartwarming slice of life about a father that only wants the best for his daughter. Highly recommended for all anime fans, do give Kakushigoto a try.

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