Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits

Alt title: Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi

TV (26 eps)
4.017 out of 5 from 8,259 votes
Rank #904

After losing her grandfather, Aoi—a girl who can see spirits known as ayakashi—is suddenly approached by an ogre. Demanding she pay her grandfather’s debt, he makes a huge request: her hand in marriage! Refusing this absurd offer, Aoi decides to work at the Tenjin-ya bed and breakfast for the ayakashi to pay back what her family owes.

Source: Funimation

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Plot: There was no plot whatsoever. The initial premise was really intriguing, but they completely dropped it after only a few episodes. The show seems to jump around from supernatural romance, adventure, and finally seems to settle on cooking anime.  The intro for the first half of the show has the feel of a romance/reverse harem anime, so it set my expectations for that kind of show, and instead, I was treated to Aoi's boring cooking show. If you're looking for a romance anime, look elsewhere. If you're looking for cooking/slice of life with lots of cliches and no character development, then this is for you.  Characters: The love interest Odanna was mysterious and I wanted to learn more about him or see him get together with Mary Sue. Aoi was irritating because she made lots of stupid mistakes, kept needing to be rescued, and everything always worked out for her.   The show kept introducing one-dimensional characters that we learn the backstory of, but we never learn the backstory of the love interest, whom Aoi never ends up getting together with or spending more time with. Maybe she does, but we'll never know. The writers almost completely forgot about him. We never learn why Odanna wants to marry Aoi, what the relationship was between him and her grandfather, how he earned the nickname Ogre god and rose to power, etc. and the premise of the show is never mentioned again. Flat boring characters do nothing but eat and comment on how amazing Aoi's cooking is or reminisce about her grandfather.  I wish I could get the hours I wasted on this show back. I was hoping for more world building.  Music: The music in the intro was beautiful and probably the show's only redeeming quality.  Animation: The animation was meh. I've seen a lot worse, but they recycled frames over and over, and there were a ton of unnecessary flashbacks. Some of the flashbacks were for things that happened minutes prior. 

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