Kakegurui XX

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Obsessive gambler Yumeko Jabami may know when to hold them and when to fold them, but knowing when to walk away and run has always eluded her. That's bad news at the insane Hyakkaou Private Academy, where students must gamble their fortunes, futures and lives in an endless series of competitions to determine who rules and who become slaves. Yumeko's razor-edged instincts, skills, and the devil's own luck have kept her going thus far, but when the ruthless Momobami clan arrives, intent on taking over the school, the stakes rise even higher while the intrigue, both in and out of the games, hits the deadliest level yet.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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“What’s the place we’re headed to? Heaven or Hell?” “I’ll still gamble everything.” As long as Yumeko can gamble she doesn’t care what the future holds, this truth has stayed consistent in the second season. Real talent is built from a strong foundation not the other way around. When it comes to a compelling main character and their side kick this anime may just be suburb. Trusting your partners in gambling can cost you everything and yet there are times when one simply has to rely on others in order to triumph. When do you trust and when do you use? Can you trust users? What about using those who trust you? Remorse and gambling may appear to go hand-in-hand but Yumiko's lack of concern for her victims is delightful. The revival of the idol gambling challenge tops the first season. “Amazing Grace” is a tough song to follow {and in this reviewers opinion is is whipped cream on fudge} the Death Macaron challenge was delicious ;) and the game of chicken further spiced things up.  The raison d’être in the penultimate episode is jaw dropping brilliance that brings light to more than one character and the series as a whole. However there are a number of characters to keep track of, namely the branch families and their involvement with the student council. Since the main focus is [or should be] on Yumeko and her love of gambling it can be a bit frustrating when scenes are dedicated to these characters. Even though they are important for plot and the characters are the antagonists - gotta watch ‘em plan to try and make Yumeko a house pet - it can get irritating. They’ve decided they hate her so much that they’re going to buck tradition just for the chance to degrade her -- a bit too far for these elites. When all you’re really looking for is to watch Yumeko keep gambling and loving it, having to sit through expositional rambling may give you a headache. Though there are times when Yumeko’s actions cause others oh so much pain [*cough* Igarashi *cough*]. Really her very existence just drives people crazy and that is just delightful. Gambling is not so easily summed up as hobby, a nightmare, a cherished past-time, or a sin. It is all of these: it is life. Keep on gambling and watch this season too ;)

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