Kaijuu Girls

Alt title: Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku

Kaijuu Girls

Kaijuu Girls Episode 6 - Worry! Kaiju Girls!?

Miku continues to worry about her future as Red King and Pigmon talk to the girl about their career paths.

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We're Kaiju Girls?! image

Episode 1

We're Kaiju Girls?!

Transform? Kaiju Girls!? image

Episode 2

Transform? Kaiju Girls!?

Transform! Kaiju Girls!? image

Episode 3

Transform! Kaiju Girls!?

Hand Them Out! Kaiju Girls!? image

Episode 4

Hand Them Out! Kaiju Girls!?

Senpai! Kaiju Girl!? image

Episode 5

Senpai! Kaiju Girl!?

Worry! Kaiju Girls!? image

Episode 6

Worry! Kaiju Girls!?

Fight! Kaiju Girls!? image

Episode 7

Fight! Kaiju Girls!?

Joke! Kaiju Girls!? image

Episode 8

Joke! Kaiju Girls!?

Going Berserk? Kaiju Girls!? image

Episode 9

Going Berserk? Kaiju Girls!?

Jump! Kaiju Girls!? image

Episode 10

Jump! Kaiju Girls!?

Exam! Kaiju Girls!? image

Episode 11

Exam! Kaiju Girls!?

We are Kaiju! Girls!! image

Episode 12

We are Kaiju! Girls!!

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hamletsmage hamletsmage says

Both of these anime are about chibi girls learning to use their new skills in various scenarios. Both anime have some hint of nostalgia, either for old monster movies or old video games. The girls are named after either a kaijuu or a game console and their outfits match. If you liked one, try out the other. They might be vastly different in origin, but they follow pretty similar veins of thought. 

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Both of these anime are about magical girls who pay homage to older Japanese entertainment. Whether they use the armor of mecha or the powers of kaiji, these girls have fun fighting to protect the city. If you like one, try the other and see how many references you recognize.