Kaiji - Ultimate Survivor

Alt title: Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

TV (26 eps)
2007 - 2008
Fall 2007
4.287 out of 5 from 6,979 votes
Rank #481

Kaiji Ito is as pathetic a person as they come; a man who gambles his days away, only winning enough to lose significantly more. He hates himself, is riddled with envy for others, but is ultimately too weak to think of a way out of his massive debts. Then one day he is approached by a strange man who offers him what seems the solution of a lifetime – to take a short journey on a ship called Espoir, during which time he will be given the chance to win more cash than he can dream of in a card game like no other. Ever the desperate, Kaiji takes the gamble of his life; however, the game turns out to be far darker than he expected and the hard lessons pile on thick and fast. Now stuck in a closed world of unsavory characters willing to do anything to destroy him, can Kaiji gather enough courage to outwit them all?

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VivisQueen's avatar
VivisQueen Apr 20, 2008
Score 8/10

Ever wondered what life would be like if there were no rules of honour or even common decency? Me neither - the consequences of such a world would just be too horrible to contemplate, let alone enjoy. So the fact that I have remained enticed throughout this dark and sadistic title can only be due to Kaiji's indisputable skill at spinning a good yarn. Despite every cringe suffered and... read more

ThatAnimeSnob's avatar
ThatAnimeSnob May 30, 2012
Score 8.5/10

Full list of the review series can be found on this page, 3rd post from bottom:

Kaiji is the proof GAR is not dead yet. Kaiji is an oasis in a desert of fruitless moe and wimp protagonists. Kaiji is so cool it is animated by the king of anime studios, Madhouse ... read more

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