Kaiji - Against All Rules

Alt title: Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Hakairoku-hen

TV (26 eps)
4.339 out of 5 from 3,816 votes
Rank #368

Sunk deep in colossal debt, Kaiji must spend the next decades of his life working it off in an underground slave pit, shovelling dirt with other disgraced down-and-outs. But far be it for Kaiji to have learned his lesson from his experiences on the Espoir. Upon discovering that the only fast track out of gambling-induced slavery is to gamble even more in a dice game called chinchirorin, he throws caution – and presumably his senses – to the fickle winds of luck! As well as giving him plenty of reasons to weep, this takes him up against formidable foes like his supervisor, Ohtsuki, whose dirty delight is to ruin the workers psychologically as well as financially. As the saying goes, in a bet there's a fool and a thief, and Kaiji can only hope he will not end up the former.

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Underground Hell image

Episode 1

Underground Hell

The Rules of the Game image

Episode 2

The Rules of the Game

Bits of Luck image

Episode 3

Bits of Luck

The Beginnings of a Comeback image

Episode 4

The Beginnings of a Comeback

Abuse and Endurance image

Episode 5

Abuse and Endurance

The Storm Descends image

Episode 6

The Storm Descends

Magic Dice image

Episode 7

Magic Dice

Divine Retribution image

Episode 8

Divine Retribution

Cheers, and… image

Episode 9

Cheers, and…

The Last Gamble image

Episode 10

The Last Gamble

Joy and Lament image

Episode 11

Joy and Lament

Heaven Falls, a Man Falls image

Episode 12

Heaven Falls, a Man Falls

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eevilalice's avatar
eevilalice Oct 20, 2015
Score 9/10

I'm going to disagree with those who feel this season is "padded" (with the exception of the recap episode, which I just skipped since I binged all the episodes). If you enjoyed the first season and are giving the second a shot, you should be on board. After the initial handful of episodes in the first season, I adjusted to the pace, so I knew what to expect here. For me, there's nothing... read more

Vic969's avatar
Vic969 May 2, 2013
Score 5/10

WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW Second season doesn't deliver. At all. I was hoping for more great mindfights between Kaiji and his opponents, and only the Chinchiro part was about that, the rest was mindless fillers of Kaiji waiting, Kaiji shouting and Kaiji crying. It really should have been a 13 episode anime, because it needlessly stretches out everything. Story: The story wasn't too terrible, I enjoyed... read more

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