Kaginado Season 2

TV (12 eps x 4 min)
3.477 out of 5 from 235 votes
Rank #6,690

The second season of Kagi-nado.

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Once again, with one more episode in the Kagi-nado season dissed by the characters of Kagi-nado Academy, this tribute to the characters of the Key concept of gameplay and storylines grinds to a close. One major complaint of the first season was the absence of the cast of Angel Beat.  Bring them in for season two!  And voila! the series has something of a plot.  Season one:  Characters of Air, Kanon, Little Busters et. al. show up on campus and run amok in ways that only these characters can.  Nothing solid.  Season two:  Angel Beat shows up at the academy with Yuri (don't you dare call her Yurippe) Nakamura conspiring to destroy the academy .. nay the entire world!  One more episode left.  Will extinction be in Kagi-nado's future?  Could any cogent notion of a third season be possible!? But the tribute to the works of the classic anime series Clannad, Kanon, and the Key franchise continues.  Topics explored:  The typical tragic heroine of these series.  The secondary female characters who could be just as tragic.  Boys making noise and coming up short.  Riki Naoe at the mercy of maidenhood.  And all this done in chibi-short features of three minutes.  Look quick to identify these legends in their 'cute' form.  The clues flash by fast, even too fast to catch Ayu Tsukimiya's winged-jacket, Nagisa Furukawa's antenna hair, Fuuko Ibuki's fish carvings, Kud Noumi's petit figure with soft hat, Yumemi Hoshino's 'halo,' Misuko Kamio's 'final steps of life' shtick. In short, to appreciate Kagi-nado (nearly an impossibility in itself) you have to be grounded in the anime series incorporated.  If not, these faces just blend into the fast-paced action and are lost in the rush (that's why we have this thing called a pause button).  And it’s the recognition on the fly that makes Kagi-nado enjoyable.  For its plot won't be any reason for finding Kagi-nado engaging. Especially if the existence of the universe hangs in the balance.  Watch the final episode.  Pray for season three.  But be careful about what you pray for, for they might come through. A third season where the characters wish there wouldn't be a final thirteenth episode.  Is that worth the wait?

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