Kagewani Episode 6 - Deep Abyss

A wedding underneath the South Pole is interrupted by a giant monster.

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Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Step right up and gaze upon tales of horror and wonder, of urban legends and terrifying mysteries alike. From a man who suffers a mysterious accident on a business trip, to a boy who witnesses a horrifying family secret, to even a man who’s certain he’s being watched by a long-haired, creepy woman, there’s plenty of harrowing stories to be...

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Kari5 Kari5 says

Both of these shows are horror shots that are (mostly) episodic. The type of horror it uses it also very similar (relies mostly on suspense and a few jump scares), and the art style is almost identical. If you liked one, I highly recommend checking out the other.

PurpleCatAngel PurpleCatAngel says

Like Kagwani, Yamishibai is an episodic horror anime following everyday people and their encounters with the unknown.