TV (13 eps x 8 min)
Fall 2015
2.443 out of 5 from 925 votes
Rank #7,378

Mysterious monsters called "UMA" suddenly appear in the present day and attack humans. The scientist Sousuke Banba pursues the truth with the keyword "Kagewani," a word that literally means "Shadow Crocodile."

Source: ANN

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Ice Fang image

Episode 2

Ice Fang

Return image

Episode 3


Double Bow image

Episode 4

Double Bow

Strange Colour image

Episode 5

Strange Colour

Deep Abyss image

Episode 6

Deep Abyss

Slashing Strike image

Episode 7

Slashing Strike

Camouflage image

Episode 8


Flytrap image

Episode 9


Shadow Crocodile image

Episode 10

Shadow Crocodile

Encounter image

Episode 11


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Episode 12

Pitch Black

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Destroyer62636's avatar
Destroyer62636 Nov 18, 2015
Score 6/10

Do you like kaiju? Are you interested in bite sized bursts of kaiju goodness to refresh you from your drought of weird creatures terrorizing hapless civilians? Do you not mind a paper thin plot that only serves to loosly link each monster attack, without bogging the limited run time with human characters you don't care about? Then Kagewani is the anime for you. The monster sounds are good to great. The... read more

CaptainSlow's avatar
CaptainSlow Dec 26, 2015
Score 4.5/10

What I Liked: The visuals, which took some getting used to. Episode 3, with its plot of revenge and nauseating atmosphere. Episode 6 was also a stand-out, as it had a great sense of tension and atmosphere. Sound design isn't half bad. What I Didn't: The visuals, which felt like some student's animation project at times. The hamfisted Alien and Tremors references. Many of the earlier episodes were standard... read more

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