Kageki Shoujo!!

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Like the Takarazuka Revue, the young women who go to the arts academy Kouka Kageki High School play all the parts of musical theater, be they female or male. Narata Ai is a jaded former idol performing female roles—her roommate, playing male roles, is bright-eyed country girl Watanabe Sarasa. From the school to the stage to the rest of their lives, there is no challenge these young women can't face with their passion for performance.

Source: Seven Seas

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I LOVED the first two thirds of this season. Every episode seemed to feature a new character, and complex relationships were built. Dark real life topics are covered for once in anime- eating disorders, stalkers, sexual assualt, in such a relatable way that really built an audience connection with the cast. I looked forward to the next episode every time. Not to mention, the intro and outro are honestly a jam. The art for the outro changes depending on the featured cast of the episode, which I found to be extremely unique to this anime. However... the last few episodes of the season just fell short of the tone set in the beginning of the season. Finally got through at least four episodes of four at a time in-uniform-not-costume auditions, almost all of which having pretty irrelevant flashbacks the whole time. Sure, there's some minor rivalry/social conflicts during the auditions but for the most part the students barely got to say anything outside of the play's lines. The auditions were 1/10, less than fun to watch, I can only listen to the same lines over and over again with slightly different emphasis so many times. And we don't even get to see the year's gradution or this culture festival they were auditioning for the whole time in this season? After a month of waiting for audition episode to release every week, after FINALLY determining the cast, the four are left to practice basically on their own because the play is literally "just soliloquys"? That's the end of the season? What? Genuinely needed a 14th episode, not sure why the audience needs to wait for another season to see the ending of the first school year, if we even get a second season or it's even shown at all. 

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