Kagaku na Yatsura

OVA (1 ep x 25 min)
2.432 out of 5 from 1,355 votes
Rank #17,728
Kagaku na Yatsura

Haruki spends most of his time with friends and fellow classmates Airi and Ayana. All seems well, that is until Airi and Ayana form separate clubs, the Mechanical Science Club and the Chemical Science Club. The two vie for Haruki's attention and hilarious chaos usually follows all attempts to make him join.

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Story: Grading Kagaku na Yatsura's story is like grading the story of a porno: You ain't watching it for plot, characters, depth, sensibility or humanitarianism filled morality with a moral, you're watching it for the porn. That is the case right here, because the random chapters they plucked out of the cleavage of the manga is just that: Pointless, senseless, stupid, setting back woman's progress for 25 years and chockful of titties and milk, more than your daily recommended dosage. But I'll try, because that's what I'm here for: boob jokes. Plot, you don't give a fuck about that. The progress is stupid, the protagonists are stupid, they're all stupid, the sheer amount of fanservice is just fucking insane, the breast size is past the stage of Tomo-Tits and into Eiken, maybe even past that because holy fuck man, they are fucking massive! I don't mean watermelon size but like 2 watermelons! Per! Holy bat-nipples Batman! And you bet each episode segment ends with some sexy titty action, which is pretty much like the manga. Quite faithful to that smut it is. Fuck logic, there is none here and how they're scientific geniuses (Except for that dumbshit main McFuckpants) at the age of teenager is understandable because tits. Wait, logic? LOGIC IN A SHOW ABOUT SCIENCE GET THE FUCK OUT. Logic has nothing to do with a show about the scientific properties of breasts! Except for oxygen, that sex fiend. It actually gets repulsive by the end, so completely shitfaced that it's just... man, what the hell am I watching? What the fuck is this logic? FUCK SHIT SHIT SHUT THE FUCK UP LOGIC- Look, anything that happens in this OVA is for the sake of tits and milk. If anything happens, it's a lead up to more tits if the screen isn't already filled with them. That and sexual harassment because the show has a hard-on for that. Animation: Speaking of boners, the animation which I'm instinctively inclined to give a 12 because of the copious amount of tits, love and care given to the animation of boobs and nipples, more milk than an episode of Seikon no Qwaser, enough milk to turn Papi on, more titties, ripple effect on the gigantic mammaries which was mind-blowing and just woah, the fuck am I smoking because holy fuck them tits just- WOAH because I was just dumbfounding at the physics and the movement of it all. That was some crazy shit right there. And fucktons of milk. Big Tits Doggy Girl has massive puppies that milk at the slightest provocation and she holds more milk than a cow and lets it all out. Also wears some extremely proper attire for some excellent ass shots, just to let you know that there's something other than breasts and milk in the OVA. Sound: The noises they made were good. Pretty indifferent but needed more 70s porno music. Characters: MC is fucking stupid as fucks and the two gals want his nuts so badly for their experiments in sexual reproduction, Doggy Girl is more stupid than two fucks and incredibly dense. So dense that- I'm sorry, I don't think I have a comparison for her stupidity. Damn this is bad. But she has a pair that is a quarter of her body weight and would cause instant backpain where the slightest movement throws them into a frenzy and has sensitive nipples. Small Tits is smarter, somewhat more so and is actually cunning in a way, but a rock with tits can influence MC to a degree. Ninja gal has massive tits and is a sex fiend. Also has a doctorate in Gender Sexology. Basically, they are all stupid as fuck. The only redeemable character is that stoned bird who just looks on as the girls get sexually harassed. Nobody knows what he sees the events as with those eyes of his. Overall: Boobs. They milked this one for all it's worth to keep it abreast of the pack and it shows. It's really all about the boobs, nipples, milk and sexual harassment with a slap of titties on the side.

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