KADO: The Right Answer

Alt title: Seikaisuru Kado

TV (12 eps)
3.621 of 5 from 2,426 votes
Rank #2,568

Koujiro Shindo is a highly-skilled negotiator working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As his plane at Haneda airport prepares to take off, a huge mysterious cube appears from the sky. "It" expands rapidly, and absorbs the passenger plane and its 252 passengers. The cube's name is "Kado". A strange being called Yaha-kui zaShunina appears from within Kado and tries to make contact with humanity. Shindou, who has been absorbed by Kado, ends up taking on the role of mediator between Yaha-kui zaShunina and humanity. Who is Yaha-kui zaShunina? What does he want?

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Episode 1

Yaha-kui zaShunina

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Toy's avatar
Toy May 27, 2017
Score 9/10

Slight spoilers ahead, I highly recommend you giving this a watch, so if you want to avoid spoilers, forget this review and just go watch it. EDIT: This review was based on the first 8 episodes. Seikaisuru Kado or Kado: The Right Answer, is an anime about the arrival of an anisotropic being, an alien. With him he brings knowledge and gifts that are still well out of humanity's reach. All the while he's... read more

apoc9's avatar
apoc9 Jul 4, 2017
Score 7.5/10

I have watched KADO: The Right Answer. The answer is "It is much easier to tear apart anime you didn't like." The fact is this anime is a lot different. It is the very thing that caught my attention. I was really intrigued by the premise of first contact story. No mecha, no harem, no ninjas, no Titans :P, etc. Indeed if you like run of the mill anime this might not be your cup of tea. I was... read more

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