K: Return of Kings

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2015
4.135 out of 5 from 7,038 votes
Rank #910
K: Return of Kings

Following the events of K Missing Kings, the Green Clan JUNGLE has been spreading its influence, causing friction with the Red Clan HOMRA and the Blue Clan SCEPTER 4. The war escalates when the Green King, Nagare Hisui, sends his men to attack Kuro and Neko, forcing the return of the Silver King, Yashiro Isana. Reunited with his friends, Shiro reveals his plans for dealing with the Green Clan-- and alliance of the Red, Blue, and Silver Clans! But the Green King carries his own wild cards! Will the combined power of three kings be enough to stop Nagare Hisui from fulfilling his dark ambitions?

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Ymarsakar's avatar
Ymarsakar Oct 7, 2015
Score 8/10

(No Spoiler review) [All Episodes seen so far, update at end] This is the second anime season of "K". If you haven't watched the first season, it'll make a lot more sense if you watch that first. What the K franchise is about (and there's a movie Missing Kings which ties in the two seasons here) is a reconstruction of history from WWII, which led to superpowers being developed amongst... read more

dayumdazai's avatar
dayumdazai Jan 6, 2016
Score 9.5/10

**there are spoilers, be warned** If you loved the previous season of K and K: Missing Kings, you will not be disappointed with K: Return of Kings. Story: The story is a continuation from K: Missing Kings that starts out with HOMRA with Anna as their new King/Queen, Munakata with a damaged sword, and Kuroh and Neko still frantically searching for their King, Yashiro Isana or Adolf. K. Weissman. Amidst the... read more

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