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Several months after their New Years' live performance, the light music club has returned to Sakura High for a new school year. Now seniors in Sawa-chan's homeroom class, Yui, Mio, Ritsu and Mugi commence their final year as high school students. While many others would fret about their entrance examinations, the Keion Bu have more important things on their minds, be it shopping for shelves, cleaning out the storage room or that age old problem of trying to recruit new members. But while there's music, snacks and school trips aplenty, one question still remains... will the girls be able to leave their mark on the school before they graduate?

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Episode 3


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Episode 4

Field Trip!

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Staying Behind!

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Rainy Season!

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BigDumbOhFace's avatar
BigDumbOhFace Oct 4, 2014
Score 9.8/10

Story I haven't watched any other music school life anime so this is all new to me.  The story is really basic:  a bunch of high schoolers enjoying their time by relaxing and having some fun with music.  The music aspect does play a lesser part than the previous season though.  However, this season is paced a lot better as the previous one felt rushed to me.  It became more of a school... read more

graze's avatar
graze Feb 16, 2015
Score 8/10

Note: the finale is episode 24. Episodes 25 and 26 are ‘extras’, set during the timeline before episodes 23 and 24. I wanted to point this out to future viewers as I didn’t enjoy the realisation that the show was reaching a conclusion as I was watching and earlier than I expected!
Eps 25 and 26 can be viewed chronologically with the rest of the series (after ep 21, before ep 23) but they... read more

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