Jurassic Tripper

Alt title: Kyouryuu Boukenki Jura Tripper

TV (39 eps)
3.448 out of 5 from 106 votes
Rank #7,034

Two days a year, the members of a typical high school's marine club are allowed to take the boat out during summer vacation. Their destination is the fun filled Bonarl Island -- until a mysterious storm-related disturbance throws them into another dimension full of dinosaurs and oppressive soldiers! Now, with no way to get home, the students must rely on themselves, the voice saurus Zauls and the help of unlikely strangers as they struggle to survive amidst certain death...

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This is a children’s adventure that follows the norm path all light-adventure series do. Children as protagonists, simple plot, weird machines, monsters and not too much violence. It would be good as a cartoon, but as anime, it is very mediocre. STORY SECTION: 6/10 A team of boy scouts/girl scouts embarks on an educational trip at sea but ends up being sucked by a vortex and ending up in another world, were humans co-exist with dinosaurs. The story is mainly about the kids managing to survive in this world and finding a way to return to their own home world. The main story is not at all original as several series have a similar scenario (Monster Rancher, Digimon and even Escaflowne are a few). But there are several sub-plots that prevent the story from being too straightforward. -A white baby pterosaur is found by the kids, which many want to kill as it symbolizes the hope for equality between humans and dinosaurs. The kids are on the run by the authorities of this world but are easily evading them, as they possess technology that is not existent in this world. Guns, fireworks and gasoline vehicles make a bunch of kids the most powerful force in this world!-Technology is forbidden in this world by the hierocratic church, in a similar way it was done in the Middle Ages. Many zealots are ordered to kill the children for using the “devil’s power”. A spicy part is that the thing that can help the children return is a machine and the High Priest of the church is not so technology-ignorant as he seems at first (big spoiler, can’t say more!).-Some of the kids are selfish dorks who betray them for not being allowed to lead the team. They end up aiding the enemy as spies and making things difficult for all. -Light romances and strong friendships bloom amongst many characters that give flavor to the otherwise shallow story. -The story is on going, with a few filler episodes here and there. There is an evolving scenario but you won’t miss much even if you skip a few episodes. There is a conclusion but it’s quite simple. ART & SOUND SECTIONS: 5/10 Although there is nothing bad with the graphics and the sound, the lack of originality or creativity spoils most of the fun. -I have seen hundreds of phantasy worlds and the one in the series is simply uninteresting. Medieval backgrounds and dinosaurs roaming in the countryside have no appeal anymore, as are so commonly used these days that became cliché. -Character and vehicle figures are too plain to be memorable.-The action/battle scenes are childish, bloodless and usually predictable. Very unrealistic if we are suppose to be watching wild dinosaurs fight and gunshots/dynamites filling the air. CHARACTER - VALUE - ENJOYMENT SECTIONS: 5/10 This is what essentially ruined an otherwise medium series. There is a big cast of characters but besides a few, none has a strong personality or any character development. Some bad guys redeem and become good, some of the selfish kids mature a little but that doesn’t change the feeling that there are too many secondary uninteresting characters that stand in the way and gobble up a big portion of screen time.Plus, the whole story is not original and the battles are boring. It is a good watch only if you are too young and not familiar with many anime (as it was for me, when I saw it 10 years ago). VERDICT: 5/10 The accused is found … GUILTY! … of mediocrity. SUGGESTION LIST Monster Rancher and Digimon have an equally childish and similar concept. Escaflowne is a much more mature variation of the same idea. Vifam is a slightly more dark and realistic variation of the same idea.

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