Junk Town

Alt title: Garakuta no Machi

OVA (1 ep x 13 min)
3.153 out of 5 from 617 votes
Rank #4,795

In a futuristic Earth where robots live side by side with humans, performing tasks and roaming the streets at their whim, a young boy walks through a city by himself. While passing by an alley he spots a quirky red robot who, upon destroying and eating another robot, grows a mechanical piece onto its makeshift tail. Intrigued, the boy observes the robot as it methodically eats and grows, and whether he likes it or not, this stray robot soon appears to not want to leave the boy’s side...

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NyaKiwi Oct 21, 2010
Score 6.5/10

Story:There really isn't much of a story to be honest. The plot is basically a little boy finds a little red robot that eats anything mechanical. And the robot forms a bond with the kid.Animation:Very basic character designs, I personally liked the design of the red robot. But all in all the character designs are very basic.Sound:Nothing amazing, basic background sound. I didn't really listen much to the sound... read more


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