Junk Boy

OVA (1 ep x 44 min)
2.996 out of 5 from 536 votes
Rank #15,085

Ryouhei Yamazaki thinks he's the master with women, and finds himself living it up in the job of his dreams: working odd jobs for Potato Boy, a men's magazine. He ends up helping with all aspects of the company, including pictorial selection, photoshoots, journalism, or wherever his manhood takes him. If that wasn't hard enough, after a wild night of "journalism", his hopes and dreams are shattered by one woman! Now he must prove himself, his member, and especially his libido in order to regain his ego.

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Junk Boy is an old and rather obscure OVA by studio Madhouse that still gets occasional views from those following the recommendations for Golden Boy or those lured by the premise that looks almost exactly like Golden Boy's: a comedy about a guy who gets a job at a men's magazine and tries to score with the girls around. Ironically, the quality gap between these shows can be easily inferred from their respective titles:- unlike Golden Boy that features several amusing and motivational stories (study!study!study!), Junk Boy has an utterly pointless story serving only as an excuse for comedy and ecchi;- unlike Golden Boy that features some really hilarious comedy (minus the infamous toilet scenes, which are just weird), Junk Boy offers downright idiotic "comedy" abundant with stupid boner jokes and other "funny" things that simply insult the viewer's intelligence;- unlike Golden Boy that features an awesome & very memorable protagonist as well as several hot girls with different looks & personalities, Junk Boy has a cast of forgettable cardboards and a male lead who's just a dumb ape trying to shag everything around.Even if I totally avoid any comparisons with Golden Boy, Junk Boy still feels totally stupid with its idiotic "comedy" and has almost nothing to offer in terms of story and characters. In fact, the only things to say in defence of this OVA are that it looks more or less ok for its age and has a passable 80's soundtrack; besides, it features tons of nudity and a couple of borderline hentai scenes, which is a plus if that's what you're looking for. Yet all these hardly count as strong and unique positives, as there're literally hundreds of series that do the same hundred times better.So, if you stumble upon the show's profile, consider this little review a warning and do not waste your time on this piece of junk - it's not worth it. Better rewatch Golden Boy.

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