Junjou Romantica 3

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Junjou Romantica 3

College student Misaki Takahashi's feelings towards famous novelist Akihiko Usami gradually changes with time being living with him, especially when Misaki is becoming a college senior.

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I really enjoy this story, it's shame they have the other side couples mixed in with Misaki and Usagi, though they are the main couple I feel the other two have potential to carry a anime on their own. Misaki, is still even after 3 years, embarrassed about how he feels about Usagi and still often rejects his advances by this stage, it's getting a bit old. It's blatantly obvious that he is in love but his age and immaturity shines through. His naivety is another very frustrating trait he has as well. That being said I do like him but wish he was a bit more forward with his feelings.  My favourite is the Junjo Egoist couple, most seem to find them boring. Perhaps, this is because they are, in my view, the most realistic of the three. Their biggest issue is communication and that is a very relevant problem for a lot of couples both gay and straight. Hiro is very relatable, with his insecurities, inability to express his feelings and worrying about the age gap (five years, the smallest of the three) as they both at completely different stages of their lives. I personally wouldn't have minded them having more screen time.  junjo Terriost has the most likeable Uke, I absolutely adore Shinobu, he's a darling and he doesn't have any issues expressing his feelings for Miyagi (unlike Misaki, who constantly grapples with his very obvious feelings for Usagi and Hiro who is very insecure).  They have an enormous age gap of 17 years, while this is questionable as Shinobu is still in high school, he is 18 which in some places makes him a legal adult and Miyagi is quite an immature 35 year old, by this season they have one of the best episodes together and I just find myself rooting for them. Perhaps, this is to do with Japanese culture and custom but all three of these relationships are kept mostly secret and whenever, they are questioned about it the Uke in particular are quick to dismiss it immediately. "We are both guys" is something that is littered throughout. All in all, I very much enjoy this anime and would recommend it. 

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