Jungle Emperor Leo Movie

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Under the reign of Kimba the white lion king, his little family and the help of some other animals (including the lazy elephants), the jungle and its people were at peace. But when humans suddenly arrive in search of the legendary Moonlight Stones, life becomes more complicated for the gentle creatures of nature. Now, Kimba must set forth to find the stones, find the cause of a mysterious illness affecting his kingdom, and above all else, find his missing son who had left to visit the human civilization, unaware of the danger he was walking into...

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LizardLaw974's avatar
LizardLaw974 Mar 25, 2013
Score 8.5/10

Based upon Osamu Tezuka's manga, Jungle Emperor, the story of Leo the lion (or Kimba, to those who are familiar with the 1960s US version), continues with Leo as as adult watching over the jungle. His children are growing up, and the jungle seems to be in peace. However, it all begins to fall apart when a group of humans come to the jungle to obtain the Moonlight Stones, and the animals are faced with... read more

chii's avatar
chii Oct 6, 2009
Score 6.5/10

Hello lion king! lol i know the japanese series came first but yeah XD there's people in this one though!!! That are in search of a special stone.*snore* hahaThis is pretty much man vs. nature. man wanders into the jungle and starts building roads and shooting animals where ever they wish. it's actually pretty brutal and not really for kids eyes imo LOLElephants are kinda the bullies of the jungle which is a... read more

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