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The one-shot pilot of the supernatural exorcist adventure Jujutsu Kaisen! The story takes place a one year before Itadori's time, focusing on his upperclassmen at Jujutsu High--Maki, Panda, Toge and Yuta Okkotsu (the MC). In Jujutsu Kaisen, we don't see Yuta, but other characters often make reference to him and the incidents that occur in this volume. Yuta's been brought in to Jujutsu High by Satoru Gojo because he's been cursed by his childhood friend, Rika. But this is no ordinary curse as she's classified Special Grade. And because of her overwhelming strengh, Yuta doesn't know how to control or use her. Meanwhile, Suguru Geto is out to get Yuta Okkotsu, specifically targeting Rika to add to his own collection of cursed spirits he controls, setting up a showdown with his best friend-turned-enemy, Gojo

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Zero to Zero Cranking out a movie adaptation of a current mainstream shounen seems like it's becoming the more and more popular thing to do, so why not take advantage of the existance of a spinoff that adds nothing to the world or characters. Under such a popular IP, it's sure to make a quick buck regardless of it's quality, so this kind of thing is easy to shit out with a big return on relatively low investment. That prospect may sound good, but it sounds even better if you're MAPPA and you have some idle slave labor to throw at it and not pay. Thus Jujutsu Kaisen 0 was born.  --intermission-- Hey everyone! Before we officially start the review, since you're all here after the official blu ray and streaming release of the movie, I might as well mention that the English Voice actors for this film made about 200 dollars each, even though this movie made millions. This is the fault of crunchyroll. If you support workers getting paid fairly, please join me in boycotting crunchyroll. Cancel your subscriptions and switch to other methods of viewership. They can't get away with mistreating their voice actors. --end intermission-- This film has all the same kind of animation and visuals as the main series. There's nothing special or unique about the artstyle, it still looks like bleach but without any personality or individuality. The dull and washed out color grading, bad lighting and shading, and poorly composited backgrounds are back here too. There is no sense that this is a movie production besides the fact that it played in a movie theatre, which gets me thinking that the ugly art is not due to time constraints, and the people working on it are just not that talented in anything but actual keyframe animation. The keyframe fight animations themselves are of course, still good, because the animators would have even less than nothing to eat if they weren't, and hey if that's what you want out of art, just good animation without anything else added to the visual or intellectual experience of the medium, then I guess this is for you. The story of this movie is extremely simple and predictable for a movie, but what's more, there's nothing original or interesting about it. It uses the exact same premise as the main series to start out with, just a bit less interesting, and then fail to build off it just as much. Yuuta is an alternate universe Shinji from NGE with a dark secret that nobody knows: there's an evil spirit following him around that kills people. Eventually, way too late for this to take place in a world with actual humans with eyes, some people figure that out and take him captive so he uh... for the greater good of humanity and shit. But then one man has the bright idea to train him up instead of keeping him captive or killing him, and everyone listens to him because he can basically fart and kill them all. Yeah. It's Gojo, and it's not a different version at all, he's absolutely no different, but you know it's the past because he has a white bandage on his eyes instead of black. Very distinct. He goofs around, acts wacky, and never interferes with the plot except for when the characters who would actually be compelling would struggle at all, in which case he saves the day by shitting out a big energy blast and everything's cool. The main character can't control his power at first, but then he does it by doing it. This way, we don't have to expand upon this premise in an intelligent way and instead just go right into the braindead shounen action, and a few people he meets join up with him to help him fight hollows... or demons... or whatever. Then an evil guy who wants all the people to die shows up and he tries to beat him but fails, but it's ok because he gets an emotional powerup and then Gojo finishes it, because having a character struggle and overcome something realistically is something that would be way too interesting to happen in this show. Does any of this sound familiar yet? It should, because this is the exact same plot as the show. A few names have been changed around, but really nothing's different, all the same characters are here and they're the same as they were before. We don't get to expand on them either, we learn nothing new. If you think that sounds like a waste of time then congratulations, you watch things with your brain turned on. The main villain's motivations are as shallow as the calcium buildup on a glass in a crummy dishwasher, as is the rest of the plot in this movie. He's a sorcerer, whose role is to protect humanity, that wants everyone that isn't a sorcerer to die. And what self respecting sorcerer wouldn't want to commit genocide on the people they were conscripted to protect? Exactly. Geto feels the same way. To the point of actual racism against people that aren't sorcerers, even though the only difference is um... I forgot actually. What's special about sorcerers? Can't anyone be one? Yeah. Your guess is as good as mine. The only redeeming quality the main character has is that he's not special or talented to begin with and he's just unfortunate, and has emotions, which instantly makes him a better main character than the one from the main series, except I guess the author realized this so he ruined him by instantly powering him up using emotions, and deciding that he actually had a hidden power because he's the chosen one at the last second so he can just do shit other people can't. That very well destroys any relatability or investment we had in this character now doesn't it? Yet another addition to something with zero sense of individuality and nothing of substance besides pandering to the lowest common denominator of anime viewer who just wants to see an overpowered character flip around and watch a flashy effect every once in a while, but gives no shits about writing or good character development. If this is your first anime movie, you might like it, but if you've ever seen a shounen before, you've seen this done better. In fact if you've seen Jujutsu Kaisen, you've seen this. It's the same plot. There is nothing different. The only difference, the ONLY difference is the main character shows human emotions, but to a very limited degree. Note: I watched this movie before its official release in the west.


Premise, to fully understand this movie, you should watch it, after watching the 1st season of Jujutsu Kaisen and after watching the first 5 episodes of the 2nd season I have to say I was a little disappointed with this spin off/prequel film, even though I didn't expect the masterpiece of the century, some choices made to direct it left me very unsatisfied. Plot: the story is very simple, it tells us about the protagonist Yuta, how he found himself attending the institute of occult arts and how he faced the Geto threat, the part where they deepen the Night Parade of the Hundred Demons, already mentioned several times in the main series, is beautiful, some things may not match up with the main series, but this unfortunately happened because the author hadn't set his story well at the time. Personages:Yuta: better protagonist than Itadori in many ways, I'm not crazy about this character but it's not badMaki: honestly I find her unbearable, she is always ready to blame anyone and she have a bad character, but in the main series she is much improvedInumaki and Panda: They are nice charactersGojo: Here we can see many more facets of his personality, even though he remains the same as in the main seriesGeto: main antagonist of the film, without having seen his and Gojo's past, many of his choices would be incomprehensible, although I still can't understand how he could become so corrupt inside, strong and calculating, I liked his role as an antagonist, his classic villain speeches, a little less Sound: the music at the beginning of the film is fantastic and gives us some nice osts during the fights, especially the one between Yuta vs Geto, but in general I expected more from the film, I also find the final ending very normal, instead on the side of voice acting si great as always. Animations: I was quite disappointed with the animation of this film, although it gives us some well-animated fights (like Yuta vs Geto or Gojo vs Miguel), it didn't seem to have the production of a movie, but rather that of an anime series, it is this I'm sorry considering it's Jujutsu Kaisen, but I must say that this time I noticed some slightly improved designs compared to the 1 season, and I really liked how they made the Rika curse. Scriptwriter/Director: Here we come to one of the low points of the film, other than that it didn't feel like a film, but a very long episode focused on Yuta, the biggest problem is that this film really lacks a central part that connect everything, it starts with the presentation of Yuta and his studies at the occult institute and then they throw us directly into a final part with the bad guy who declares war, the construction of how they do it is bad, they should have added half now more movies to write everything better, and also the direction was very flat, except for the beginning and some moments at the end, it seemed to see a succession of cool scenes without a real logical thread. Verdict: Despite some criticisms that I have thrown at this film, I still recommend watching it to better understand some concepts of the Kaisen jujutsu world such as the protagonist Yuta or the Night Parade of the Hundred Demons, they could have done much better, but in some ways it still remains a enjoyable movie.

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