Jormungand: Perfect Order

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2012
4.354 out of 5 from 6,529 votes
Rank #316

The child soldier Jonah continues to protect Koko while she brings the boom to cities across the globe. When the international arms dealer ramps up sales, her hired guns are targeted by government agencies, warmongers, and assassins — leading to some devastating betrayals and losses. Amid all the gunfire and grenades, Koko begins to work on a secret project in South Africa: Jormungand. But when she finally reveals her master plan for the future of war, not everyone is happy with the plot. As the body count starts to explode, Jonah will have to decide if he can stand by and watch his employer’s blood-soaked plan for world peace unfold, or try to put a stop to it.

Source: Funimation

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(Sub) Serpent Looking to the Heavens image

Episode 1

(Sub) Serpent Looking to the Heavens

(Sub) Dance With Undershaft Phase.1 image

Episode 2

(Sub) Dance With Undershaft Phase.1

(Sub) Dance With Undershaft Phase.2 image

Episode 3

(Sub) Dance With Undershaft Phase.2

(Sub) Kasper and Jonah image

Episode 4

(Sub) Kasper and Jonah

(Sub) Castle of Lies Phase.1 image

Episode 5

(Sub) Castle of Lies Phase.1

(Sub) Castle of Lies Phase. 2 image

Episode 6

(Sub) Castle of Lies Phase. 2

(Sub) Pazuzu image

Episode 7

(Sub) Pazuzu

(Sub) New World Phase.1 image

Episode 8

(Sub) New World Phase.1

(Sub) New World Phase.2 image

Episode 9

(Sub) New World Phase.2

(Sub) New World Phase.3 image

Episode 10

(Sub) New World Phase.3

(Sub) Warmonger image

Episode 11

(Sub) Warmonger

(Sub) Century of Shame image

Episode 12

(Sub) Century of Shame

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Zefhar's avatar
Zefhar Jan 26, 2015
Score 7/10

This series has great art; astonishingly detailed design for weapons, vehicles, locations and characters; good color and great sound. Alas, the story is simply boring, and the animation is close to non existant! From Jormungand's start, you get the feeling of not knowing everything that is going on in the background. That's fine for shows that force the audience to elaborate on backstory while developing the... read more

TeHP1nkSh33p's avatar
TeHP1nkSh33p Dec 27, 2015
Score 10/10

Now THIS is what a War anime should be like. Reviewed after finishing both seasons. For anyone who've seen the movie on arms dealing 'Lord of War' and have enjoyed it, you have an obligation to watch this anime. For anyone else who's tired of typical shounen junk but still want the fun and excitement of it all, you also have an obligation to watch this anime. If you're a gun nut, it goes without... read more

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