JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean - Part III

Alt title: Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: Stone Ocean - Part III

Web (14 eps x 24 min)
Fall 2022
4.301 out of 5 from 2,343 votes
Rank #160

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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 6: Stone Ocean Part 3 I still don't like the idea of a three-part season, but it is what it is. With the last third, the best part of this show finally came out. The last battles and the final face-off with Pucci. . And since it's JoJo, you, unfortunately, had to expect again a very weak pacing and some of the most pointless dialogues you can find. But JoJo wouldn't be JoJo if you didn't need at least 5 minutes of screen time for a single momentary scene. In the third part, season 6 showed its full potential and gave us a relatively respectable final fight, with a decent opening and buildup. Pucci's two new stands were very interesting, visually as well as from the content and their charisma. Honestly, I liked C-Moon even more than MIH, thanks to his relatively menacing charisma. With the slightly improved animations, slightly better pacing, and more brutal fights, things heated up a bit more here. But as expected, Part 6 remained as clearly the worst JoJo part. Not only did this season of JoJo have endless plot conveniences from beginning to end. Then the author also constantly tried to take away the meaning of all the fights by giving the characters plot armor without limits. It has always been like that, there is no JoJo season without extreme plot armor. However, there is a limit to that, which was far exceeded here. This is one of the series where you feel the influence of the writer's decisions the most. And when there is a twist in the battle or scenario, you hardly get an explanation for it and it's just "It's just the way it is". If the characters here were real actors, they'd probably be running in circles with confusion about what the hell is wrong with the script. I could go on about this, but it should be obvious enough. [Conclusion 5] I like JoJo, and although I seem relatively harsh, I am a huge JoJo enthusiast. Unfortunately, JoJo has a lot of consistent errors and flaws that are repeated over and over again. Inclusive here, where the season also brings additional problems of its own, the whole thing becomes all the more complicated. Part 6 feels like an odd DLC experience created just for the fans. That doesn't change the fact that I had a lot of fun watching it and found the abilities and humor interesting. Unfortunately, Part 6 is a pretty average Anime or slightly worse. [Enjoyment 6]


(Spoiler free) Part III of Stone Ocean, and the season overall, really feels like JoJo has finally gotten played out and old...and actually gets boring in parts. Stone Ocean feels very formulaic and is highly repetitive from episode to episode, which is pretty much what JoJo has always been, but this season fails to bring the JoJo charm to make up for its shortcomings. It's not a bad anime by any means, but it's a far cry from the past great seasons. Overall it's an average anime, it's good in places but it will also have you playing on your phone for extended periods of time. In terms of ranking the seasons, I'd place it at the bottom tier with S1 (S2, S3, S4 are top tier and S5 mid tier). Animation / Sound: Typical JoJo quality, which is very good. The animation quality may have dropped slightly, with some obvious rough spots, but overall still very good.  Story: Very repetitive story with unnecessary, convoluted expostion and lacking in comedy. It feels like Araki ran out of ideas at several points and just threw the story together. The exposition becomes tedious and uninteresting when it's inserted into a very basic story that just repeats itself over and over. JoJo has always been repetitive, but this hasn't mattered because it has always managed to be entertaining and interesting. SO is very predictable and the situations are very generic which lead to stretches of boredom. I ended up playing with my phone the first time watching it. This season really feels like Araki just went through the motions. There's also a noticable lack of funny scenes that's typical of JoJo. For example each prior season has iconic scenes / memes but writing this I can't think of a single hilarious scene in SO.  Characters: Aside from the MC, SO has an extremely unmemorable cast. Jolyne is a very likable character and a great Joestar. FF, Ermes, Emporio, Narciso, Weather Report are just ok. The villains are generic to the point you will struggle to remember what their names are and what their stands do and why the battles took place. Father Pucci is not interesting at all and he neither feels dangerous or charismatic. His backstory was tedious to listen to. 

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