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Oct 9, 2022

Chivalrous Hero Shen Jianxin season 3 takes things much more seriously than the previous two seasons. But there are still comedic moments to lighten up the atmosphere. Because that's what life is - the good moments and the bad. Season 3 continues the story of seasons 1 and 2. The story of season 3 is that Shen Jianxin is working to find a cure/medicine to wake Qi Yu, a woman he met in season 2, who is currently in a death-like sleep/coma. Season 3 is three years after season 2. At this point in time, Shen Jianxin is now the hero he's always apired to be - but at what cost? While he has spent three years away from the mainland on the remote island where Qi Yu and her village are, Assassin and his cronies have spread propaganda about Shen Jianxin, making him out to be the best hero in the world. Shen Jianxin is so popular now that everyone wears costumes of him, go to plays about him (made up stories of course), etc. So when Shen Jianxin is led back to the mainland by Assassin, he is understandably confused about how he's become so popular. This is also thanks in part to the new "internet"/printing press system, which can deliver news to dozens of cities across the land about Shen Jianxin, and other things. It makes it much easier to spread untrue stories. Shen Jianxin was led back to find Herba Andrographitis, a miraculous plant that might be able to cure Qi Yu. 

Both new and old characters make their appearance. Li Fu (the guy who always carries a hand fan around with him) is mentioned although not shown/meeting Shen Jianxin, and he now has a fiance who he is in trouble with, because there is a popular play about his and Shen Jianxin's "love affair", lol. And Ji Bieqing, the guy from the last season who tried making Shen Jianxin a popular hero, makes his hilarious reappearance. Times have changed because of the new "internet", and it's harder for him to find work because someone else can always take up the mission for cheaper. So instead of a respected killer, he is now reduced to doing menial tasks like cleaning people's houses. He even has to wear a mask/change his face because his original face is too scary ("ugly"). So now he looks like an anime pretty boy, lol. And the Pure Yang Sect master, Li Wangsheng, Shen Jianxin's master, also has a more prominent role this season. Shen Jianxin was the only one who remembered his anniversary as a sect master, when other disciples in the sect forgot. And at the end of the season, Li Wangsheng is the only one who defends Shen Jianxin from the other sect masters/martial leaders, when they are ganging up on Shen Jianxin because they believe he is a danger to everyone. 

This is the story and Shen Jianxin at his lowest point. He discovers that Herba Andrographitis is actuallly a plant used to make "poison men" stronger. Poison men are people who were poisoned/turned into raging monsters with no more humanity left. They are strong, fast, and their only goal is destruction. Assassin's final plan was to turn Shen Jianxin into one of these poison men, and have him take over Assassin's role in ruling the world. And he almost succeeds, although Shen Jianxin was able to break out of his mind and kill Assassin. But after everything he's gone through, Shen Jianxin feels that he is no longer a hero. With the other martial leaders still viewing him with suspicion, Shen Jianxin goes to Li Wengsheng and gives up his position as a disciple of the Pure Yang Sect. He goes back to the island, only to discover Qi Yu is gone. Back on the mainland, the poison men Shen Jianxin killed might not be so dead after all. And that's how season 3 ends.

Overall, season 3 is still a phenomenal effort in comedy, drama, story, animation, fight scenes, music, and characters. I still love this series, and my love for it has not gone away since season 1. I love that the stakes have been upped, and we see Shen Jianxin at his lowest point in this season. Because of the way the season ended, there is obviously going to be a season 4, so I will look forward to when that is officially announced. 

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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