TV (52 eps)
2009 - 2010
Spring 2009
3.294 out of 5 from 349 votes
Rank #11,048

In the faraway country of Jewel Land, its young animal inhabitants known as Jewel Pets are changed into jewels during each annual spring cleaning. But one day, after an accident, the Jewel Pets are scattered throughout the human world. One small rabbit called Ruby was playing at the time and as the only Jewel Pet remaining, she receives the task of retrieving the others. When Ruby arrives in the human world in her jewel form, she is found by schoolgirl Rinko. Thinking it to be a normal gem, Rinko is astonished when the bizarre businessman, Tatewaki, tells her about Jewel Land and the missing animals. Now Ruby and Rinko set about trying to find the rest of the Jewel Pets, but with Ruby’s terrible magic skills causing explosions and confessions of love getting in the way, it won’t be an easy task.

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