Je t'aime

Movie (1 ep x 12 min)
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A lone basset hound wanders the empty streets of Tokyo. Humans are long gone, only distant memories remain in storefronts, buildings, and abandoned shrines. All the hound wishes is for someone to play fetch with again, and it faithfully finds a new ball each day in hopes that a curious being will cure its loneliness...

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hamletsmage Jul 8, 2016
Score 8/10

Remember when Production IG before they sent their best people to Wit studio? AP remembers. Story: The story itself is very simplistic. The dog is alone in a world where people have either died off or left. This particular question is never answered. Every day, an android descends to a certain spot and the dog tries to engage it with a ball. The ending is what makes the anime, with a sudden rush of action... read more

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SadisticTendencies Dec 1, 2012
Score 6.5/10

Mamoru Oshii; he's known for dark and thoughtprovoking stories with heavy allegorical undertones and/or comments on humanity's progress for better or for worse. With a grand résumé like that it's no wonder people overlook one of his more recent shorts: a humble twelve-minute story named in a cheesy manner that fits its intentions almost perfectly.  In a world where humanity's been... read more



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