Jang Geum Ieui Kkum

Alt title: Jang Geum's Dream

TV (26 eps)
2005 - 2006
Fall 2005
3.483 out of 5 from 31 votes
Rank #3,614
Jang Geum Ieui Kkum

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I hate it that no one outside of South Korea took a good look at this tv series because it is undoubtably the best animation that Korea has ever done thus far. The plot is simple, yet complex with time as it gives light-hearted and well-thoughted climaxes and rising actions that make this series a worthwhile to watch. This show has the fluency and style in resemblance to the future American cartoon, Avatar The Last Airbender (korea also animated the series entirely) and it has Japanese anime character designs and backgrounds that are as beautiful as flowers. I thank MBC for the animation they did. Speaking of anime, it looks too good as an anime despite being produced only in Korea but everything in it looks so good that it can be confused as a Japanese cartoon as the eyes, humor, blushes, faces, and non-human features are smooth and fluent from our eyes. The characters are charming, funny, and trustful. The protagonist has the sweetest personality that any korean character can have and she also has a purpose to give life to everyone she loves with cooking. The music is always at point throughout the series as it resembles the historical Asian music. Overall this is an overlooked cartoon that is a must watch not only to anime fans, but to everyone worldwide that watches too much american cartoons that does not have the same perfect effort as Geum's Dream.Thi is definitely a must watch for everyone that loves cartoons and foreign animation. You will love it from start to end.

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