Jack and the Beanstalk

Alt title: Jack to Mame no Ki

Movie (1 ep x 100 min)
3.065 out of 5 from 148 votes
Rank #14,082

Jack is a simple boy who lives on a farm with his mother, his beloved dog and a happy cow. However, as times are tight Jack's mother sends him to sell the cow to the butcher in town, and along the way the boy runs across a magician who offers him a bag of magic beans in exchange. Foolishly Jack accepts and returns ‘empty handed,' angering his mother in the process. Yet that night, the beans sprout from the ground and turn into a giant beanstalk stretching beyond the clouds! Jack and his dog ascend to the land of the clouds and meet Princess Margaret, a lovely girl under the spell of an evil witch whose goal is to marry her to her son, a giant named Tulip. Can Jack help save the beautiful princess and restore peace to the land of the clouds?

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Ok let me just Stat out by Saying That there are anime that are good, anime that are bad and anime that are just plain wierd. Jack and the beanstalk is just plain wierd.   The origional story of Jack and the beanstalk is very straight forword so if your going to adapt into a movie you will need to stretch it. This movie does that but unfortionatly does it alot. Every plot point feels like it drags. The climaxs is the worst were after everything is taken care of they stretch the movie out until the end. Imagene if in Beauty and the Beast everyone kept goffing around after the curse was broken.   The animation is Quite good and captures the mood of each scene wether it needs to be charming or creepy. However the charecter desighns are just palin bland. Aside from Madem Noir who has a great evil witch desighn all the carecters look generic. I can think of several boy charecters in anime that Jack looks like and Margret looks like every love interest in every RPG ever made. The worst is Tulip who is just a generic desighn of a giant. There is no thought put into these desighns at all.   Most of the songs are actualy quite good besides one song the dog sings. The problem is however not all the songs are used properly. Some songs feel like they are once agian draging out the movie. Muical numbers should eather give us insights into the charecters or keep the story going and not all of the ones here do that.   The charecters are actualy very mixed in quality. Jack starts out as a selfish boy only after gold but eventualy does the right thing and helps everyone else so he can come of as an interesting charecter or an unlikable brat depending on how you look at him. Margret is the definition of the term bland love intrest. Its later revealed shes under a spell but once its broken she has even less persenality then before. Madem Noir is a terifying Villen and the best charecter in the film, her sun Tulip on the other hand leaves alot to be desighered. Its hinted that he may be resentful towrds his mother but its not nearly explored enough.   So is this a good movie? No in fact its kind of a mess but its bizare in how not good it is. I actualy recimend it. The DVD is insanly expensive so i recumend watching it online. So take it for what its worth.     

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