Ixion Saga: Dimension Transfer

Ixion Saga: Dimension Transfer Episode 12 - Behavioral Examination

Gustave has taken it upon himself to observe Marion and Sanglain following the death of the Princess and DT. But KT thinks Gustave is in the city of Marquesas for other reasons.

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sothis sothis says

Two hilarious titles where someone is thrust into an unfamiliar world and proceeds to make an ass out himself accidentally, with plenty of fun monsters and comedy to boot.

wimbley wimbley says

Both anime are about a teenage boy suddenly being dropped into a strange world very different from their own. The animation is also very similar. I think if you liked one or found it funny/interesting you would think the same of the other.



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alexkulpin alexkulpin says

In both anime's there is the character who tries to act all cool in fights, then runs away and later you find out he is supper strong (Kon and Gintoki) Both anime's have similar jokes. As well as, they both have two sides of main characters. The group of three (Kon, princes with the other two and Gintoki, kagura and shinpachi) and (the incognito and the shinsengumi) if you liked the jokes and story of gintama, you would love ixion saga, or the other way around.

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The humor in Ixion Saga reminds me a bit of the humor in Gintama ... only a tad bit more juvenile... 

So if you're a fan of Gintama I believe you'll enjoy the somewhat random moments in Ixion Saga, and, of course, the comedy. If you're a fan of Ixion Saga I believe that you'll really enjoy Gintama and will notice their comedic similarities, and will appreciate the more in depth character development.

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jonJon jonJon says

both are about the main character stuck in a video game. Sword of art online is a little different since its not big on comedy as much as Ixion sage: dt is. Both animes are a great watch i recommended both greatly.