Itsudatte My Santa!

OVA (2 eps x 28 min)
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What if you were born on December 24th; would you like Christmas? How about if your parents decided to name you "Santa"? Needless to say, Santa strongly dislikes the Christmas holiday because he is always alone and his parents never take the time to wish him a "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Birthday". Yet one Christmas Eve, Mai, a Santa-in-training appears before him and promised him that she will do everything in her power to make him happy. With Mai's help, Santa shall discover the true meaning of Christmas and the magic that happens in this world.

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StoryI had thought that Kanokon ~Manatsu no Daishunikusai~ would be the most lackluster anime that I'd see during 2009. Given that Kouta and Chizuru graced our screens in November, that assertion seemed likely to hold. Oh, how wrong I was. After the delicious melancholy of Blue Drop, I fired up Itsudatte My Santa! looking for something short and funny with a slight zest of holiday cheer. Unfortunately, however, it proved too long on stupid and too short on functioning humor for my needs. Good thing it was a mere two episodes, as otherwise I might have set fire to my monitor in disgust. Much like Mai, Itsudatte My Santa!'s overenthusiastic protagonist, the OVA tries too hard to please. Straight from a melodramatic voice-over wherein Santa (yes, you heard that right) muses on how children come to stop believing in Santa Claus, the story jumps right into a trainee-Santa Claus attempting to cram happiness down the poor boy's throat. At this moment, any sense of pacing flies out the window, and the "story" careens from gag to gag without pausing to reflect on whether or not anything works. The rest of the uninspired episode consists of an off-brand imitation of A Christmas Carol cheaply bolted onto a half-formed love story. The second portion jumps forward into summertime to provide one of the worst beach sequences in the history of anime: little or no fan-service, a weak riff on Mai's "I can only create things with 'san' in their names" power, and jerky animations of the gang eating watermelon, and finishing off with a montage of Shirley trying to orchestrate some alone time for the two hopeless lovers. That this segment derives most of its humor from Maimai biting Shirley's backside demonstrates the series' puerile wit at its finest. Of course the OVA wraps up nice-and-neat in the finale, but the fact that the narrative never goes to any length to introduce significant tension or conflict makes the whole thing seem frivolous. However, since Itsudatte My Santa! isn't strange enough to elicit a massive "WTH?" (think Puni Puni Poemy). I--like most viewers I imagine--have to ask, "Ken Akamatsu took time off writing manga for THIS?"AnimationItsudatte My Santa! has to be one of the most cursorily animated OVAs out there. For most of the two episodes, viewers can feast their eyes on boring pans, nearly-still shots of people talking in front of static backgrounds, and action scenes that play out like flip-books written in the corner of high school texts. In 54 minutes of video, only one scene has any kind of visual flair and the director uses it TO END BOTH EPISODES. Famed moe champion Ken Akamatsu CLEARLY intended these two scenes to be identical. The repeated actions and events serve to reinforce the unchanging and therefore nonthreatening nature of Santa and Mai's relationshi... No. Reusing footage is just plain lazy, and placing it at the end of the boring second episode feels more like a slap in the face than an inspiring end to the story.SoundNo, this OVA doesn't ear-rape you, but it sure-as-hell tries. While Santa, Shirley, and Maimai all have bland, reasonable voicing, Mai bounces immediately into the high-obnoxious register and stays there so long as she's not in Santa Claus mode. Whiny, shrill, and always shouting, her voice actor, the talented Aya Hirano, should be ashamed of this performance, deeply ashamed. Luckily, Mai's magical girl transformation into a holiday avatar lowers the pitch of her voice, and this, coupled with the spare minutes when the character keeps her mouth shut offer some respite. Underneath all the action, an innocuous score wends its way through the anime. A standard synth affair blends in bells and faux-choral themes to enhance the anime's "Christmas" feel, but the music's low volume means it serves more as layer of frost atop the more offensive aural elements than an active participant in any scene; this is unfortunate, as louder music might have drowned out Mai's grating exhortations.CharactersA foursome of cardboard cut-outs forms the main cast of the anime. Santa himself starts out interesting, but the OVA wastes no time in reducing him to a shallow romantic stand-in by the second episode. But of course, this is a Ken Akamatsu anime, so it's the girls that are interesting, right? Nope. Mai shows less depth of character than your grandmother's silver and nowhere near as much history. She flits between mopey, bubbly, and confrontational with no apparent motivation, which further damages the already frayed plot. Add to the mix her loli sister imaginatively named Maimai and a non-descript rival in the form of Shirley and you get... Well, I've seen mad-libs with more personality.OverallI know what you're going to say. "Patcheeesss! U scored less than the sum of its parts!" to which I have to reply that this anime is the single most insulting thing I have EVER watched. The short OVA tries far too hard to make the most of its meager content and comes across as scattershot, insincere, and rushed. This drivel wears its three jokes thin within the first ten minutes and then follows up with a tired attempt at romance in its second installment--should you care to stick around that long. The fact that Ken Akamatsu believes you'll watch this or that this is what you're WAITING to see it is tantamount to violence against his fan-base in my mind. Do yourself a favor and skip this one. Also, consider burning your Negima collection in revenge.


Story: First off, who names their kid Santa? If you're born on St. Paddies day, are you named Patrick? Or on New Years Eve, are you named Eve? No! That's because that kind of shit would get your ass kicked daily. And your parents hate you, which is why this poor bastard is named Santa. But Santa, he's a loser. Loser things happen to him and then in a span of 30 seconds from the end of his monologue, give or take a few seconds, he meets Santa Santa. You know, the Santa chick. So Santa and Santa get into all kinds of hijinks that have no sense of timing, pacing or any real connection/cohesion that would make any of this logical or sensible. But I'm not kidding, the pacing in this thing is non-existant. It moves at breakneck speed through each episode, where months pass by in a snap and you're left wondering "How is this so long?" and possibly "Why can't everybody die?". It dulls your senses and rational thinking but you know what? It continues on. It gets more senseless and stupid as it slaps on some half-bit drama shit to characters you don't give a shit about. As it, or what I assume to "make attempts at being funny" because so much of it is just physically painful and the equivalent of shaking down your funny bone. It doesn't end, and it turns out to be one of the longest hours of your life. But the jokes, about 3 of them are funny and that is just an arbitrary number. That 3 means nothing as so few of the jokes are funny. This isn't even "so bad it's funny" terrible. This is "So bad it's shit" bad. It is truly an abomination when it comes to both comedy and drama. Animation: If I may be frank, it looks like ass. Not good ass, but sweaty ass. The animation is canned, where the second episode literally rips bits from the first episode, slaps on some beach shit and then calls it "Haha! Look at these jokes! Haw haw!", or some other shit because this goes on for quite a while. It reuses multiple scenes and only changes the scenery so the characters would go through the same actions or different characters would go through the same actions to emphasize how little fucks were given. This is completely different from canned repeating animation for 10 seconds long which is just plain cheap. What else is chintzy is the actual art work, or the artistical to the technical. Which is unsurprisingly shit. Things generally lack detail or anything to distinguish a strawberry from some red blob or a child from a really, really short man who is 2 days from balding. I will give it points for butt and bust expansion and some jiggles because it's hard enough to find positives as it is. Sound: I may sound like a broken record with my bashing but this shit is seriously awful. BUT, and a big but, is that the dub sometimes drowns out the shitty music, which is a plus. You probably miss out on some classic ditties but it's a small price to pay for somewhat questionable dub work. The sub/Original voices, are... yeah. It's not the best, but... I got nothing. Just... please, make it stop... Characters: WHY IS THERE ANOTHER SECTION Look, it's clear that by now, you realize that I don't give a shit about any of these fucks. Santa? His parents hate his ass, which is why he has the name "Santa" and is left alone for most of his sorrowful life. Santa? She just desires to fulfill her selfish needs and is completely willing to commit all kinds of law breakery to get into Santa's pants? Wait, that makes no sense. Hold on: Santa wants to grant Santa's wish of not being alone and possibly having a girlfriend while also accomplishing Santa's wish of getting Santa's power's back because Santa needs to get this one pissant punk ass bitch to like Christmas again because he is the most sorrowful bastard in the world. Basically, Santa is selfish and amusingly enough, kind of a dick at times. Then Tsundere Twin-Tails who if given enough time and thankfully a non-existant third episode, would have fallen for him because she totally looks like a tsundere. She talks for about 40% of all dialogue in the second episode. Also never shuts up. Then blah blah, blahblah blabitty blah. Blah blah! Blaaaaaaaaaaah... blah blah blah blah. Blah? Blah. Overall: I can't believe I rewatched this crap. It's terrible in all senses of anything that can be judged. There is so little redeeming this that it would immediately be condemned to 9 life sentences by a jury and immediately ruled by a totally partial judge. If you really want to be a Grinch, get someone to watch this. Part of the September DAMC 2016 run, Nominated by that douchecanoe Thrawn


This is a rather… odd show. It’s about a boy named Santa who has always been alone every Christmas and yet because he was born on the Eve of Christmas, he is given the name Santa. Who in their right mind would call their son Santa? Well, his neglectful parents it looks like. Then suddenly, out of know where (like almost every other romance anime out there) this girl shows up and asks him ‘want to spend the night with me?’ And thus begins are strange and odd show. Its not that this show is bad, more like predictable. Santa sounds rather whinny and annoying but because of Mai, I wouldn’t be surprised. Mai is extremely crazy and overly energetic. She can only create things that start with ‘San’ because she is in training. Now this doesn’t work well because in the dub, the items are not called the same in Japanese and so changes that. She can’t cook, goes overboard at times, and is rather stupid as well. At least Naru had brains, this girl doesn’t seen to have an ounce of smarts in many areas. All she really seems to know is how to be a Santa. In the first episode is about there first meeting, as well as them talking about Christmas and fun. Sadly, it feels very, very bland. It’s got cheesy written all over the script. It would actually be fine if they ended it there but they actually have a second episode. The second episode though… its just a excuse to see the girls in swimsuits. There was no real reason for them to have a second episode. It’s even cheesier then the first! The animation is rather good, though it does end up having scenes that are reused so many times. A lot of the animation is rather standard and bland half the time. Luckily, they don’t go out of their way to show breasts but they hint a lot about panty shots. Oh god, we get to the voices now… Although Chris Burnett is a rather nice voice and fits the character of Santa well, Brittney Karbowski is so not the part I would of picked for Mai. Her voice tends to get way to whinny and annoying the more she talks and it turns into a high pitched squeal when she’s talking to long.

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